Managed Network Specialists

Keep your network monitored and maintained by the highly certified professionals from Sentinel

The complex, hybrid nature of today’s networks creates support and security challenges for many organizations. Sentinel’s Managed Network specialists address these challenges by providing advanced monitoring, maintenance, optimization, and support for networks of all types, including LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, SD-WAN, and SASE. We take the time to learn about your specific network architecture, demands, and requirements, then handle a majority of the day-to-day upkeep and responsibilities so your internal team can focus on other priorities.

Our goal is to provide your organization with peace of mind knowing your network is being maintained and monitored 24x7x365 by highly certified professionals.  Through years of experience managing networks for organizations of all sizes and industries, Sentinel has developed a unique and well-rounded perspective on how to help you achieve a robust, reliable network performance capable of inspiring productivity and possibility.

Sentinel’s Managed Network Specialists

  • Keep your network up to date and optimized to help your organization achieve the strongest possible return on your investment
  • Offer support for your network changes, no matter their level of complexity
  • Assist with new network deployments
  • Perform regular maintenance and patching to ensure the stability and security of your network
  • Acts quickly to prevent outages and performance issues with proactive 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Alerts your organization about any suspicious activity or potential threats
  • Deliver regular reports detailing network performance, alerts, and logs
  • Schedule regular cadence meetings to discuss network performance in alignment with your business goals

Common Network Issues


Frequent disconnections, malfunctioning access points, and integration errors with IoT devices are just the start of wireless issues that can happen involving your network.


Adding new applications and features can slow down your network and create other noticeable performance issues if they aren’t properly integrated and optimized.


Power outages, disasters, hardware failures, and other issues can cause your network to shut down, resulting in financial, productivity, and reputational losses if not fully redundant or highly available.


Many organizations operate on aging networks not equipped to handle the agility and demands of modern technology, often requiring a costly and labor-intensive network refresh.

What to Expect

  • Sentinel delivers exceptional level of support for your network, including detailed reports with device alerts and logs so you know exactly what’s happening.
  • Your network and associated devices are monitored by Sentinel’s 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) so any issues can be quickly identified and remediated.
  • Updates, patches, and regular maintenance are handled by the Sentinel team, so you can rest assured your network performance will remain reliable and secure.
  • When your organization encounters a network issue and needs support, Sentinel stands ready to help with troubleshooting and technical expertise.

Features and Benefits


Sentinel understands every network is unique, which is why our industry-best SLAs are customized to meet your specific requirements.


If your organization and/or industry has certain network compliance requirements, Sentinel’s Managed Network Specialists will make sure you continue to satisfy them.


Receive a notification the moment an alert is triggered by Sentinel’s NOC monitoring, so swift action can be taken to remediate any network issues.


Predictable, cost-effective expenses featuring predefined, all-inclusive management and administration cost per device.

Errors and Downtime

Sentinel remains vigilant over your network infrastructure and takes proactive measures to reduce errors and minimize downtime, so users have quality, productive experiences.


Sentinel has a deep bench of technical skills and certifications for all types of networks, so your organization can breathe easier with top quality service and support.