Deskside Support Solutions

Sentinel’s Help Desk delivers direct employee support for minor IT issues

Save time and resources while better supporting your employees with Sentinel’s Deskside Support Solutions. Your internal IT staff already have enough to worry about before troubleshooting frequent and often repetitive end user requests that only require limited technical expertise. Our Deskside Support Solutions mean your users contact Sentinel’s highly trained experts to handle issues like password resets, equipment malfunctions, and connectivity problems while your IT team focuses on important business initiatives, innovation, and growth.

Sentinel’s certified support professionals are available 24x7x365 to deliver rapid response times and quality resolutions for any technical issues your employees may face. Our unparalleled dedication to superior customer service means you'll always have access to knowledgeable and friendly support staff who will work tirelessly to resolve your issues, no matter their level of complexity. The goal is to go above and beyond for your users and create a best-in-class service experience they’ll never forget.

Features & Benefits

Your organization requires dependable, responsive software and applications to foster employee productivity, growth, and satisfaction. Sentinel’s Deskside Support Solutions are designed to save you time and frustration with quality, efficient resolutions to whatever issues your employees may be experiencing.

Always Available

Our Customer Service Center is available 24x7x365, so your employees can receive fast and effective service whenever they need it.

Unparalleled Expertise

Sentinel’s extensive team of highly certified IT experts will either deliver assistance to your users immediately, or will route the request to the person best equipped to handle it.

Multi-Channel Support

Your users can submit support requests via phone, email, app, and My Sentinel portal – whatever is easiest and most convenient for them!

Knowledge Base

Employees can use the My Sentinel portal to access a searchable knowledge base within ServiceNow that features information on previous cases and solutions that may be relevant to their current issue. 

Case Tracking

Users can view the status of a support case in real time and exchange messages with the technician working on the issue through the My Sentinel portal.

Increase Employee Productivity

Your internal IT team no longer has to worry about constant support requests, and can focus on other important tasks. Faster support resolutions also mean less downtime for your employees so they can achieve more.

Right-Sized Service

Sentinel offers cost-effective service level agreements based on your organization’s size and needs, so you’re not stuck paying for additional, unnecessary support.