Sentinel’s simple, powerful, and personal public cloud offering

In order to compete in today’s ever-evolving IT landscape, organizations require a powerful public cloud solution that offers flexibility, agility, innovation, mobility, security, and infrastructure management. Sentinel CloudSelect® offers all of those features, and reduces the burden on your IT team so they can focus on helping your organization grow and innovate.

Cloud, Your Way

CloudSelect® employs an IT-as-a-Service modernization approach, so complex cloud transformations are not required. This allows your organization to choose what services you need to modernize your IT capabilities, or you can run your IT entirely as a service using a complete and customizable operating model. Sentinel understands business needs can change, which is why CloudSelect® deployments and migrations are designed to be fast and can deliver value immediately to meet aggressive deadlines.

The CloudSelect® Difference

Sentinel's 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) run on all CloudSelect® infrastructure to ensure efficient and secure operations. CloudSelect® is both SOC 2 and PCI-DSS compliant, with highly secure storage and immutable backups that cannot be deleted. These services are audited and exist as the foundation of the CloudSelect® platform so your organization can rest assured its solutions will remain healthy, available, and secure. You can choose between bringing your own management and security or extending those CloudSelect® services into your tenant for a complete solution.

Simple, Powerful, Personal

CloudSelect® combines Sentinel’s partners, products, features, managed services, infrastructure resources, and in some cases, security provided by Fortis that we roll into SLA-driven models and offerings. We like to say it’s simple, powerful, and personal. 


CloudSelect® solutions are powered by partners, managed by Sentinel and secured by Fortis. SLA-based outcomes and complex cloud transformations aren’t required to gain immediate value.


CloudSelect® is based on enterprise-class systems and providers found in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Solution architectures are validated, and systems are audited to ensure a reliable, consistent, and secure experience. All without sacrificing speed.


Your organization gets our white glove setup and our management of the solution to an SLA-driven outcome. Additionally, the same account representatives, customer experience managers, and other experts stick with your organization and work with you on developing the solution from beginning to end.

The CloudSelect® Advantage

CloudSelect® adds value to your organization by taking something off of your plate with a complete solution. It’s more than just a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering or even a managed service – we handle the complete lifecycle of ownership by combining product features with required infrastructure, management, and security into a single solution. On top of that, Sentinel offers Consulting Services able to help you develop business policies and procedures that align with your cloud investments.

CloudSelect® also includes a wealth of different options you can choose from to build something custom that meets your specific needs or delivers a certain experience, all backed by a team of experts committed to unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.

Always Secure

CloudSelect® solutions are secure from day one. Access to all parts of our infrastructure is protected by levels of multi-factor authentication. We have a variety of security tools, programs, and systems throughout our infrastructure that are monitored 24x7x365 by the Fortis SOC hunting for any sign of trouble. Your organization can bring its own security to your tenant, so it feels comfortable and familiar, or we are able to extend those security and SOC features up to that tenant space if desired.

It's as easy as select, connect, and protect. You select your options, determine how you’d like to connect to them, and choose your protection options – either bring your own or use the security services we already have in place. That makes it very simple to consume.