Expert analysis of your current environment

Assessments can provide your organization with comprehensive insights into the effectiveness, security, and scalability of your IT environment, enabling you to make more informed decisions and uncover new ways to optimize or enhance your technology investments. Sentinel offers a handful of detailed and highly personalized assessments handled by the experts from our Consulting team that closely examine different aspects of your infrastructure.

Data Protection & Retention Assessment

Evaluates your organization's data management practices to ensure they satisfy personal, professional, and industry requirements related to protection and retention. As ransomware and other types of attacks continue to evolve, this assessment verifies the safety of your data and your ability to recover it when necessary.

Network Assessment

Evaluates various aspects of your organization’s network, including architecture, bandwidth utilization, traffic patterns, and security protocols to identify bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, and other potential points of misalignment or failure. It can help you better understand and optimize your network so you can maintain a seamless and secure flow of information.

Cloud Assessment

Evaluates various aspects of your organization’s cloud environment, including cost management, scalability, data integrity, and compliance, to ensure they are being utilized in the most secure and effective manner possible. This can be particularly beneficial for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, assisting with alignment, integration, and optimization across the entire infrastructure.

Collaboration Assessment

Evaluates your organization’s existing collaboration platforms, including chat, conferencing, and document sharing to ensure those tools are optimized for productivity and security. Properly aligned collaboration solutions can enhance teamwork and productivity.

Data Center Assessment

Evaluates various aspects of your organization’s data center, including server performance, energy efficiency, cooling mechanisms, and overall infrastructure health. It can assist with the reduction of operational costs, further improve resource allocation, and position your organization for expansion in the future.