Always Connected Technical Support

Gain an additional level of technical support from Sentinel experts

If your organization would benefit from a premium maintenance service that includes additional proactive support for your IT infrastructure, consider signing up for Sentinel’s Always Connected Technical Support (ACTS™). Our family of support products provide an opportunity to enhance the services available with vendor direct maintenance support. Sentinel ACTS™ also complements vendor resale service products by presenting clients with a high-touch support model.

Sentinel’s team of highly certified technicians handles all service cases, diagnoses root causes, engages vendor support (as necessary), and manages the case to resolution. Altogether, ACTS™ delivers comprehensive and responsive service across your IT environment.

ACTS & Managed Services

When combined, Sentinel ACTS™ and Managed Services deliver even more powerful and comprehensive support to your organization. Managed Services takes a proactive approach to your IT environment with 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting through our Network Operations Center, in addition to day-to-day device administration, remote remediation, configuration management, and preventative maintenance. ACTS™ handles break/fix maintenance, remote engineering diagnosis and repair, as well as complete configuration restoration for certain types of environments.


Access & Support

Sentinel ACTS™ includes 24x7x365 access to our Customer Service Center and team of highly certified support technicians located in AZ, CO, IL, WI, and MI.

Relationship Management

Sentinel provides flexible, customized, and world-class service with a consultative approach that addresses your technology needs, while also identifying best practice solutions to optimize your business.

High Priority

ACTS™ service requests placed by customers are immediately assigned to Sentinel’s National Support technical staff, bypassing basic Level 1 support.

Experience & History

Sentinel develops familiarity with your IT environment to more efficiently reach root cause resolution and restoration of any issues. Our Knowledge Database also provides case history, resolution notes, and best practices.

Minimize Downtime

An outage can significantly affect your organization on multiple levels. Sentinel leverages our on-demand ACTS™ inventory to provide system restoration as quickly as possible, often ahead of your purchased SLA. Sentinel also ensures full restoration of services to their pre-failure state, utilizing a customer-supplied backup.

Ownership & Accountability

Sentinel takes full ownership of your issue, reducing the time and effort required from your internal IT personnel so they can focus on important initiatives rather than break/fix resolution. A designated local Support Services Manager oversees all support cases to ensure accountability and quality of ACTS™ support.

Premium Renewal Support

Sentinel’s ACTS™ Renewal Specialists deliver personalized care and become familiar with your organization, its renewal history, and its future needs. They provide proactive renewal notices, perform budgetary planning, and collaborate with you to optimize your maintenance support contract.

Streamlined Renewals

Sentinel can align all of your Cisco contract periods to a standard renewal date or to match your organization's fiscal calendar. Upon request, we can also obtain your comprehensive purchase and contract histories from vendors to ensure all devices are properly covered during a renewal.