Cybersecurity and Physical Security

Protecting every aspect of your environment

The security landscape remains in a constant state of flux as environments change and bad actors use whatever tactics they can to gain access to your most sensitive systems and data. One small mistake, such as an employee clicking what they thought was a legitimate link, could lead to malware, ransomware, or other types of attack that cause significant harm to your infrastructure and organization as a whole. Proper protection means staying vigilant with solutions and services designed to prevent successful attacks, along with defenses ready to respond from the moment of detection.

Sentinel offers a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions and services designed to keep your organization safe from threats no matter where or when they occur. Our security brand Fortis by Sentinel focuses exclusively on personalized services such as monitoring, incident response, penetration testing, and consulting to ensure all the best tools and expertise are at your disposal before, during, and after an attack. In addition to your digital infrastructure, Sentinel can help protect your physical environment with solutions that include cameras, mass notification systems, and secure room/building access points.

Fortis by Sentinel – Managed Security

If your organization would like its environment defended by 400+ highly experienced and skilled security professionals, Fortis by Sentinel stands ready to help. Fortis is committed to advancing your protection from end-to-end, so you can reduce risk, eliminate vulnerabilities, educate employees, secure critical systems and data, detect and respond to attacks, and recover your business when necessary.

Alert/Alarm – Investigation/Intelligence

Sifting through thousands of security alarms each day to find the significant threats that require immediate attention can be an incredibly difficult and time-consuming task. Sentinel’s Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors your environment 24x7x365 with a combination of collected threat intelligence and expert analysis to identify and investigate major alerts, quickly notifying your organization when it needs to take action.

Safer Facilities

Whether you work in an office, school, hospital, warehouse or some other type of facility, it remains essential to keep on-site employees, physical assets, and associated technology safe from harm or theft. Cameras enable administrators to keep a watchful eye. Locked areas with badge or biometric access points keep out unauthorized visitors. Mass notification systems alert people about possible dangers or emergencies. Let Sentinel help keep your facility secure!

Secure Endpoint – Identity and Access

As employees now expect to conduct business from anywhere on any device, it has become increasingly challenging to secure every endpoint associated with an organization. Cyber criminals know this, and target unsecured or lightly secured endpoints as a way to access restricted data and networks. Sentinel offers a number of solutions designed to help protect your endpoints, including anti-virus software, multi-factor authentication, virtual private network (VPN) access, and data encryption.

Lateral Security Design

When attackers gain access to a corporate network, they often move laterally in an effort to escalate permissions and reach more secure areas. Sentinel’s advanced security design solutions can create additional layers of security throughout your internal network, creating segmentation, decoy traps, and gateways that make it easier to detect and shut down any lateral movement by both internal and external threats.

Emergency Incident Response

Breaches, particularly when tied to ransomware, can cause irreparable damage to an organization through loss of data, productivity, public trust, and of course money. Time to detection and time to response are critical to reduce the impact of an attack. The experts on Sentinel’s Incident Response team stand ready 24x7x365 to launch threat suppression efforts and provide a partner you can count on to restore control and stability when facing a nightmare situation.

Security Posture Reports

Your organization’s security posture is determined by the strength of its ability to protect critical infrastructure such as data, networks, and systems. Sentinel uses assessments, workshops, testing, and other consulting services to help uncover gaps and other issues with your security posture, so you can further harden your defenses and more readily identify, respond to, and recover from cyberattacks.