Gain insights and analysis into aspects of your IT environment with Sentinel's free workshops.

If you're curious about what Sentinel can do for your organization, engage with us through a free workshop to find out! We offer more than a dozen different workshops focused on a wide variety of topics including security, cloud, cyber insurance, disaster recovery, healthcare, and collaboration. Each workshop is run by one of Sentinel's highly certified experts, who ask questions you may not have considered and provide thought leadership to help you uncover a path to sustained growth and innovation. A majority of these workshops can be conducted virtually, only take between 60-90 minutes to complete, and include an analysis report detailing the findings. 
Zero Trust Security Workshop
Security should always start with zero trust - assume no one is trusted to access your network. Sentinel's Zero Trust Workshop assists customers in identifying their highest areas of risk for workplace, workforce, and workload. We approach your systems from the standpoint of an untrusted user/device and uncover any gaps within your security infrastructure in order to mitigate such risks. Sentinel's strategic advisors then work with you to help harden your systems as quickly as possible.

Advanced Zero Trust Workshop
So your organization has started its Zero Trust journey. Perhaps it even began with Sentinel's original Zero Trust Workshop. Things appear to be going well, and you feel confident in the progress that has been made to enhance the protection of your users and organization as a whole. Fortis by Sentinel's Advanced Zero Trust Workshop essentially functions as a check-in and update, providing you with a current threat readiness score, risk classifications, readiness matrix, and next steps. You'll gain a better understanding of the areas you're managing well, along with which ones require extra attention to properly align them with Zero Trust principles.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Workshop
The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) framework provides a comprehensive approach to protecting critical portions of your infrastructure using established standards and guidelines. It emphasizes a prioritized, flexible, repeatable, and cost-effective way for organizations to manage their risk. Sentinel's NIST Workshop analyzes your organization's alignment with these cybersecurity standards as they relate to your people, processes, and technology. If any gaps or potentially vulnerable areas are discovered, the Sentinel team can help guide you back into alignment.
When was the last time you took a close look at your organization's security posture? Do you feel confident every possible vulnerability and gap in your environment has been addressed? The Fortis by Sentinel team of cybersecurity experts have a wealth of experience helping organizations of all sizes and industries optimize their protection, and a Detection & Response Workshop is the perfect way to determine the current strength of your security posture. This brief, Q&A-style engagement focuses on several security categories designed to uncover protection blind spots within your organization. Once complete, you will receive a report outlining strengths and weaknesses, along with recommendations in alignment with the NIST framework. 
Fortis ActiveRecovery Incident Response Readiness Workshop
The Fortis ActiveRecovery Incident Response Readiness Workshop focuses on eight critical areas to help determine how well your organization would handle a cyberattack. Our experienced cyber commanders engage with your team, deliver maturity ratings across key areas, and include practical recommendations to improve your ability to fight back and keep your systems secure. During the workshop, Fortis ActiveRecovery experts guide your team to identify business criticality, current level of maturity, desired level of maturity over time, and key inhibitors to success.
SASE Workshop
As more employees work remotely and more organizations shift portions of their IT environment into the cloud, it has become more important than ever to carefully manage and protect your network perimeter. Sentinel's SASE Workshop (Secure Access Service Edge) aims to help your organization figure out the best path to SASE adoption using your existing network and security technologies. It can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of your environment while prioritizing user safety and accessibility.
Identity Workshop
As cyber criminals continue to use phishing and brute force password attacks as methods of gaining access to your secure systems and sensitive data, there are several tactics and solutions your organization can deploy to help keep employees and information safe. Sentinel's Identity Workshop reviews the ways users access your systems and data, then offers innovative ideas designed to improve both security and the user experience. Change the way people log in with things like rule-based access controls, impossible-to-guess passwords, and multi-factor authentication.
Cyber Insurer Readiness Workshop
Organizations preparing to renew or apply for cyber insurance may face challenges due to ever-changing qualifications or unidentified internal issues that could result in a denial of coverage. Fortis by Sentinel's Cyber Insurer Readiness Workshop addresses 11 critical areas using a consolidated list of procedures and questions commonly asked by top cyber insurers. Responses will be compared with current cyber insurance requirements, so your organization can get a precise estimate of its level of preparedness and find ways to remediate any issues or gaps before it’s too late.
AnyCloud Workshop
The cloud provides a number of advantages to organizations, including easier scalability, faster development/deployment of new technologies, enhanced security, and lower costs. While it may be relatively simple to use and manage once deployed, properly integrating and optimizing it within your environment comes with its own set of unique challenges. If your organization is preparing to start its cloud journey or simply wants to ensure it’s getting the most from current cloud investments, you should consider Sentinel’s AnyCloud Workshop. Our goal is to help identify gaps or issues ahead of any type of cloud migration, and offer recommendations on ways to improve cloud performance in alignment with your business objectives.
SD-WAN Readiness Workshop
If your organization struggles to maintain a fast and effective wide area network (WAN), it might be time to upgrade to the speed, convenience, scalability, and security offered by a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN). Sentinel's SD-WAN Readiness Workshop prepares your organization for this transition so you can take full advantage of the many benefits SD-WAN offers. We can help you increase bandwidth at lower costs, centralize the management of your network, improve visibility of the traffic on your network, and boost its overall security. Our experts will also provide guidance to align SD-WAN capabilities and investments with your business goals and future plans.
Business Resilience Workshop
If your organization is forced to immediately shut down due to a cyberattack, sudden emergency, or some other disaster event, is there a comprehensive plan in place detailing everything that needs to be done to either continue or restore operations? You may think you're prepared for anything, but there may be unforeseen issues that could significantly affect your ability to function fully and securely in less-than-optimal conditions. Sentinel's Business Resilience Workshop examines several different areas of your organization to rapidly identify areas of risk within your business plans and provide guidance on ways to protect employees and critical systems should a disruption occur.
Telehealth & Telemedicine Maturity Workshop
As more and more healthcare organizations conduct exams and patient appointments in the virtual space, it's become increasingly important to have a well-developed and easy-to-use Telehealth or Telemedicine program in place. Sentinel's Telehealth & Telemedicine Maturity Workshop provides a comprehensive review of your current posture and recommends ways to foster growth, improve security, and keep costs manageable. Even if you do not have any Telehealth / Telemedicine solutions in place yet, Sentinel can help define a path forward no matter your size or maturity level.
Healthcare Strategic Alignment Workshop
Sentinel's in-house team of highly certified healthcare consultants offers a Strategic Alignment Workshop for organizations interested in optimizing their technology strategy and investments in order to overcome challenges and stimulate growth. This engagement includes a comprehensive analysis of organizational goals, future initiatives, and the role IT plays in helping you achieve them. A final report includes recommendations and data to empower your healthcare institution with a new outlook and a more streamlined approach moving forward.
Contact Center Modernization Workshop
The contact center continues to evolve as digital innovation and customer needs change. It has become more essential than ever for organizations to maintain an omni-channel customer service presence that includes phone, messaging, social media and more, so customers can reach you when, where, and however it's most convenient for them. The latest contact centers can also integrate self-service elements through bots/AI, make it easier and more efficient for agents to resolve customer inquiries, and generate insights or improvements using the data gathered from interactions. Sentinel's Contact Center Modernization Workshop examines your current contact center setup and offers guidance to enhance your current system or migrate to a new one that works better for both customers and agents.
Cloud Collaboration Modernization Workshop
Today's cloud-based collaboration solutions offer a wide variety of applications and features designed to enhance calling, messaging, file sharing, meetings, and overall communication with others. Sentinel's Cloud Collaboration Modernization Workshop aims to help your organization pinpoint the vendors and solutions best aligned with your unique collaboration needs. This strategic evaluation can bring focus to internal discussions and provide a path to future cloud and collaboration investments.

Please contact a Sentinel account manager or reach out via phone or email if you are interested in learning more or scheduling a time for our team to conduct one of these workshops with your organization.