WFA - Secure & Mature

Access business critical files and applications whenever or wherever you need them

The ability to work from anywhere (WFA) involves more than just a laptop, tablet, or phone. Your employees require access to corporate applications and files, not to mention communication and collaboration tools in order to do their jobs properly no matter if they’re at home, the office, or a coffee shop in another country. Your network also requires advanced security and a high capacity to handle all those people and devices. Sentinel offers remote work solutions that create a seamless, consistent experience for employees no matter their location, while also ensuring your environment remains stable and protected against threats and other issues.

Always Adapting

Plan and prepare your organization to deploy or expand its WFA capabilities with Sentinel’s Consulting Services. We use industry best practices, but can also customize planning so your organization can adapt quickly should your WFA needs change as well as identify any potential gaps or issues prior to launch.

Collaborate With Everyone

Collaboration among branches, partners, and remote co-workers is nothing new. Solutions range from simple voice or chat to fully immersive video rooms that make people worlds apart feel like they're two feet away. Sentinel's agile cloud-based offerings can be deployed quickly for real-time communications, advanced content collaboration, and video capabilities for individuals/groups. Our digitization experts will help align your needs with the right solution for your team. Our aim is to keep your organization productive, communicating within and between organizations, and collaborating with everyone, from anywhere.

Some solutions such as telemedicine at healthcare facilities and eLearning in schools have been available for years but have lacked proper funding and adoption. Sentinel can provide the design, implementation, and support services combined with solutions from our partners to increase your capacity and capabilities in a matter of days if required.
Connect and Compute from Anywhere

When your workforce is mobile or suddenly thrust into a remote work situation, it is critical that secure connectivity is easily available. Sentinel features a range of solutions, from cloud-based VPN services to rapidly deployable virtual instances of VPN services, to create new secure connections or augment/expand existing ones. We partner with industry-leading vendors to offer many options to help our customers connect and scale out fast. Whether you are connecting to your own data centers, Sentinel CloudSelect®, or public cloud services, Sentinel has a solution for you and can deliver express secure connectivity.

Sentinel has the proven ability to assist customers with mobile devices and imaging as well as delivering on demand, public cloud-based virtual desktop services from our partners at Amazon and Microsoft. Traditional VDI solutions require large hardware purchases, long design cycles, and on-site installation, which can take months or years in addition to being quite costly. Sentinel’s cloud compute now services connect you with an architect to engineer a solution for your network and users. We have quick turnaround plans able to deliver compute on demand (VDI) services in a few weeks or less.
Secure Everywhere

Many organizations invest in remote work capabilities without ample consideration of how to secure them. Cyber criminals count on this, and frequently use these types of vulnerabilities to compromise your defenses. Sentinel provides WFA solutions that focus on Zero Trust principles and a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture for advanced endpoint, network, and DNS mobile security that includes content filtering and protection. Encryption, multi-factor authentication, next-generation firewalls, and additional VPN tools are also available to ensure any valuable information remotely accessed or shared remains confidential and protected against unauthorized users.

Optional 24x7x365 monitoring is also available through Fortis by Sentinel’s Security Operations Center (SOC). In the unfortunate event that your organization experiences a security breach, Fortis by Sentinel's Incident Response Services stand ready to help you recover critical assets to minimize both business loss and damage to your reputation.