Strategy & Migration Execution

Expand into the cloud with expert guidance from Sentinel

Cloud has become the backbone of organizations striving for innovation, agility, and scalability. Every journey into the cloud is different, with unique needs often dictated by size, industry, budget, and other factors within your organization’s technology environment. Whether you’re just getting started in the cloud or are looking to expand your current cloud presence, Sentinel stands as a trusted partner capable of helping your organization unlock the full potential of the cloud. 

Sentinel CloudSelect

Sentinel CloudSelect is our homegrown public cloud service platform that enables integration with features and applications from our industry-leading partners. When combined with service management and observability solutions, CloudSelect is capable of delivering advanced services, dashboards and analytics.


When Sentinel says we offer AnyCloud solutions, it means we can help your organization with any type of cloud and any type of vendor. No matter if you have public, private, hybrid, or multicloud environments, our focus is on delivering top quality solutions, services, and support that grow your business, exceed your expectations, and lower your risk.

Cloud Strategy

As with all technology projects, your organization should begin with a strong, thoroughly developed strategy. The highly certified and experienced Sentinel Consulting team can work with you to create a cloud strategy, using workshops, assessments, and analysis to determine the best path forward in alignment with your resources, requirements, and business goals. Whether you’re looking to drive innovation, enhance security, and/or optimize costs, we provide the guidance and expertise to ensure you make smart, informed decisions.

Cloud Consumption Assessment

Get an in-depth analysis of your cloud usage, costs, and risks so you can fine tune and optimize your environment.

Cloud Strategy Planning

Develop the best possible cloud strategy as the highly experienced Sentinel team asks questions and provides analysis related to cost, visibility, security, and compliance.

Cloud Architecture Design

Every IT infrastructure is a complex puzzle, and Sentinel can help you figure out where the cloud piece fits best to prioritize your specific business and application needs.

Impact Analysis

How will transitioning all or part of your environment to the cloud affect the rest of your business? Our analysis provides a better idea of the costs, compliance, security, and resources required for a cloud deployment.

Services Alignment

Make sure any new cloud investments remain in lockstep with key business goals, along with industry standard best practices.

Check Performance and Analysis

Sentinel consultants can determine if your previously deployed cloud applications and workloads remain optimized, or if changes can be made to further improve performance.

Cloud Migration

Transitioning from legacy systems into the cloud can be a complex process, which is why Sentinel uses proven methodologies and our deep understanding of cloud platforms to ensure a seamless migration experience. Once a proof of concept has been established, Sentinel consultants craft a cloud migration plan and guide your organization through production. Ongoing lifecycle support and monitoring are also available to provide updates, alerts, and general management of your cloud environment as needed.

Initial Evaluation

Sentinel works with your team to establish which parts of your environment would be best served by moving to the cloud, particularly as your business looks toward future growth, improved productivity levels, and/or the development of a standardized architecture.

Technical Assessment

We collect details about your environment to better understand your needs and anticipate challenges during the migration process. This helps us determine what approach to take when migrating each piece of your portfolio, as complexity, architecture, and licensing agreements tend to vary.

Design, Migrate, Validate

Applications can fall into one of six categories: rehost, replatform, repurchase, refactor, retire, and retain. What’s best for one application isn’t best for all, and as migrations begin Sentinel collaborates with your team to streamline the process and adapt to complexity or new challenges.

Advanced Operations

Post migration, older and outdated systems get phased out or eliminated. Sentinel offers Managed Cloud services that handle regular maintenance and updates to ensure your organization gets the most out of its cloud investments.