Superior Digital Experience

Any Cloud, Any Device, Any Application

The cloud can get complicated. If your organization is just getting started on its cloud journey, there are a wealth of providers to choose from, each offering unique versions with different features, security, and native applications. It’s important to select a cloud provider and service level that best aligns with your current environment, needs, and business aspirations. Sometimes that even means investing in multiple clouds to help you achieve a truly superior digital experience. Let Sentinel deliver expert guidance and exceptional quality over your cloud setup, no matter what it may be. Our goal is to help you get the most from your cloud experience, no matter the vendor(s), so you can continue to grow and build upon your success.

AnyCloud Workshop

Organizations looking to get started in the cloud or even expand their current cloud presence should consider Sentinel’s free AnyCloud Workshop. This hour-long interactive discussion examines your goals, configurations, budget, operations, workloads, and support to help determine what type of cloud best aligns with your needs.


Sentinel has partnerships with a most cloud providers, and wants to help your organization accelerate its digital transformation, no matter its size, budget, or industry. You may already have cloud investments, and if you love them, we won’t ask you to migrate them to a different space where they could be less effective or integrated. Where we excel is in finding ways to further optimize the cloud you currently have, and working in partnership with you to uncover the ideal next steps along your cloud journey.


So much of business today is handled through cloud-based applications. While many developers now ensure their applications are available no matter your cloud vendor, certain ones remain exclusive to specific providers. If your organization would greatly benefit from an application that may be unavailable within your current environment, talk to the experts at Sentinel and we’ll find the best/easiest path to deployment and integration, even if it involves customization. You decide which applications are run in-house and which are consumed as SaaS.


Applications and workloads cannot run without a powerful infrastructure, which may include a data center, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud depending on the environment. Sentinel focuses on providing choice, flexibility, and ease throughout the digital transformation process, so you have the right infrastructure with the right capabilities to handle the demands of applications, users, workloads, and anything else that comes your way now and in the future.


One of the greatest benefits of the cloud is accessibility. Employees can use applications and share files at any time from anywhere with any device. So much of business today is conducted on the go, which is why Sentinel’s AnyCloud solutions empower your organization to establish a faster, smoother, and more reliable digital experience that caters to all types of devices and operating systems.


A critical part of any digital transformation is the consideration of how it will affect your organization’s users. If an application or other cloud element is slow, unwieldy, or confusing to use, your employees may refuse to adopt it or find workarounds that could put your security at risk. Sentinel’s AnyCloud solutions prioritize a high-quality user experience while maintaining strong protection, so you can devote more time and energy to other aspects of your digital transformation. 

Sentinel CloudSelect®

While many organizations with cloud investments utilize one of the major cloud providers, Sentinel has its own homegrown public cloud offering called CloudSelect®. We built it with our customers in mind, are more than happy to customize it for you, and believe it can deliver a superior digital experience for just about any organization. We also recognize you may feel differently, which is why almost all of our cloud solutions can be applied to AnyCloud.