Resiliency & Recovery

Restore and remediate quickly and completely through the cloud

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, organizations rely heavily on the cloud for storing critical data and running mission-critical applications. This dependence on the cloud creates new challenges, particularly when it comes to ensuring the safety and recoverability of data in the event of cyberattacks, disasters, and other unexpected events. That's where Sentinel comes in, your trusted partner in cloud backup and recovery.

Sentinel’s advanced backup and recovery solutions integrate with nearly every cloud platform, empowering your organization to efficiently protect its most valuable assets. They deliver peace of mind by avoiding significant data loss and downtime which could otherwise seriously impact your productivity, business reputation, and financial bottom line.

Always Reliable

One of the key benefits of partnering with Sentinel is the exceptional level of reliability we provide. We offer robust and automated cloud backup solutions from leading providers that work tirelessly to store your data and critical infrastructure elements in a secure and scalable manner. State-of-the-art immutability and other next-generation protection protocols mean your backups will be available when you need them and safe from encryption or deletion during an attack.

Rapid Recovery

When disaster strikes, we can also help your organization execute a lightning-fast recovery, minimizing the impact of disruptions so you can swiftly resume operations. Simplified recovery workflows enable you to effortlessly restore individual files, folders, or entire cloud environments, delivering business continuity no matter what unforeseen event you may face.

Tailored for You

Sentinel’s fully customizable backup policies and scheduling options give your organization full control over backup frequency and retention periods, tailored to meet your specific requirements. This flexibility allows you to better optimize cost efficiency with the level of data protection you need, so you can devote more valuable resources towards driving innovation and business goals.