Omnichannel Contact Center

Track and optimize all customer interactions through a single, unified platform

Omnichannel contact center solutions have become increasingly important for customer-facing organizations in today's digital landscape. They create a seamless and wholly integrated customer experience across multiple channels, including phone, email, text, chat, and social media. Sentinel offers a number of exceptional, easily customizable omnichannel contact center solutions capable of enhancing both customer and agent satisfaction, improving operational efficiency, and driving growth for your organization.

Consistency for Customers

Customers have come to expect personalized and consistent service experiences, regardless of the channel they choose to interact with your organization. An omnichannel contact center provides an accessible, unified view of customer interactions and history, enabling agents to deliver personalized and context-aware service. This streamlined experience builds customer loyalty, reduces frustration, and increases customer satisfaction.

Advantages for Agents

Consolidating customer interactions from multiple channels into a single platform also means agents can handle inquiries more effectively and efficiently. They have access to comprehensive customer data, including previous interactions, preferences, and purchase history, allowing them to provide informed and timely responses. This streamlined approach minimizes duplication of efforts, reduces handling time, and improves overall productivity.

The Sentinel Difference

Sentinel takes great pride in our own customer service capabilities, and wants to help ensure your organization feels the same way. Whether you’re just getting started in the customer service space or are eager to expand/enhance your current capabilities, our highly experienced and certified team stands ready to help with the development, deployment, and management of your omnichannel contact center.

We can customize contact center solutions to meet your unique business objectives, as well as enable you to take advantage of advanced analytics and automation capabilities that optimize operations, improve agent performance, and provide valuable insights for continuous improvement. Contact us today to start the conversation!