Automatic, Reliable - Backup & Recovery

Advanced solutions to ensure you can restore and remediate when necessary

Backup and disaster recovery solutions play a crucial role in modern business to ensure the protection and availability of your critical data and systems. In an era where data breaches, system failures, and natural disasters are prevalent, organizations need robust strategies to safeguard their information and quickly recover from any unforeseen events. This is where Sentinel can make a significant difference by providing secure, powerful, and reliable data protection through our dynamic backup and recovery solutions.

Sentinel understands the importance of data integrity and offers a comprehensive portfolio of backup and recovery solutions that cater to the unique needs of your organization. By leveraging our expertise, you can more effectively meet recovery objectives, minimize downtime, and mitigate the potential risks associated with data loss. Most importantly, your organization can gain peace of mind knowing your critical data is safe and that you can resume operations swiftly if an incident occurs.
Advanced Protection
One of the key strengths of Sentinel's backup and recovery solutions is the emphasis on security. Advanced security features such as encryption and access controls ensure sensitive data remains protected throughout the backup and recovery process. Immutable backups also provide an additional layer of security, as they cannot be deleted or modified, even during a malicious attack. This capability ensures the integrity and recoverability of data, even in the face of sophisticated cyber threats.
Fortis Knox

Fortis Knox combines Sentinel's CloudSelect® Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Fortis by Sentinel's ActiveDefense™ Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring in a platform to protect and recover your data. Your organization receives a cyber vault that can be connected to your data center or cloud where it will store immutable backups (optional all-flash safe mode appliances also available). Even if a ransomware attack is successful and bad actors manage to access to your cyber vault, immutable backups prevent the deletion or encryption of the data.

The Fortis Knox vault is protected by a virtual air gap that includes firewalled connection protection and 24x7x365 monitoring by the Fortis ActiveDefense™ SOC. Our SOC continuously scans for any indicators of compromise, including unusual traffic, scanning, backup job changes, attempts to delete files, and other atypical activity. Alerts are issued at the first sign of trouble so Fortis by Sentinel’s award-winning ActiveRecovery™ incident response experts can take immediate action. Regular penetration tests are also conducted by Fortis Advisory Services to ensure all strict vault policies remain enforced.
Compatibility and Cloud

Sentinel recognizes the importance of flexibility and compatibility in backup and recovery solutions. Our offerings are designed to seamlessly integrate with virtually every piece of hardware and software in your environment, enabling your organization to protect its data regardless of the technology stack you use. This compatibility allows you to leverage backup and recovery solutions without disrupting your existing infrastructure, maximizing efficiency and reducing implementation complexities.

If your organization aims to use Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) through the cloud, it will ensure the ability to restore your data from anywhere at any time. Not only does this enhance accessibility, but also the scalability, speed, and cost-effectiveness of the backup and recovery processes. 
There is also a growing amount of automation available with backup and recovery solutions today, taking much of the burden off the people who would otherwise have to complete these tasks manually with varying degrees of accuracy and efficiency. Automation can provide reliability with fewer errors, particularly when it comes to testing and validating backups in situations where a restore is required. Sentinel will help your organization find the right backup and recovery solutions as well as offer guidance on ways to get the most from automation and other tools for a quality experience and strong return on your investment.