Integrated Voice, Video, and Teams

Communicate and collaborate across channels with a single platform

Leading organizations understand that effective communication can be a major driver for unprecedented levels of growth and success. The methods you use to communicate and collaborate with others, both internally and externally, can significantly impact your effectiveness and productivity. This has become even more essential as employees embrace remote and hybrid work arrangements. The best unified communications (UC) solutions satisfy the needs of both employees and the business itself. Sentinel offers a number of different UC solutions intended to improve efficiency, reduce redundancy, streamline operations, enhance sharing, and foster genuine connections no matter the type of engagement.

While not every UC solution is equal, many do include a lot of similar tools and features bundled together into a single interface or platform. Sentinel wants to ensure your organization saves time, money, and effort to manage these communications tools through one system rather than individually:

  • Voice and video calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Email
  • Chat and instant messaging
  • File sharing
  • VoIP
Digital Transformation and Trends

Critical among today’s UC solutions is the ability to accommodate for the changing ways people interact due to the expanded use of mobile devices, related applications, and the ability to work from anywhere. Sentinel’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) securely places your platform in the cloud, so all tools are easily accessible from any location or device at any time.

If your organization would like to take advantage of the latest trends, Sentinel has UC solutions that include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation technologies with enhanced capabilities such as data insights, speech-to-text transcriptions, scheduling assistance, and faster file retrieval.

More organizations than ever rely on video calling and conferencing to conduct business. Sentinel wants to help with next-generation features such as screen sharing, smart captioning, chat, and native collaboration tools are designed to further improve functionality and engagement.

VoIP, otherwise known as voice over internet protocol, allows phone calls to be made over the internet rather than through a standard phone line. This makes it easier to communicate, conference, and share with remote workers, plus it’s more scalable and cost-efficient from a business perspective. Sentinel stands ready to assist with the deployment of VoIP as part of your UC solution.
  • Improved productivity as your employees can share files, collaborate, track projects, and quickly respond to customer needs within a more centralized space.
  • Lower costs, as your organization spends less on management, maintenance, and licensing fees. Plus, the ability to work from anywhere at any time can reduce corporate travel expenses.
  • Scalability to add new tools and users to your UC solutions with ease – particularly when operating from the cloud.
  • Greater mobility to conduct business using multiple devices with the same experience whether you’re at the office, home, or traveling. The ability to work remotely can also attract a wider range of talent.

Sentinel partners with several industry-leading UC providers, and can consult with your organization to determine the best fit for your particular unified communications needs. If any of the UC solutions we offer fail to meet your requirements, we will work closely with you to tailor a platform that does.