Managed, Highly Secure Mobility

Connect and protect all your devices, no matter their location

Organizations increasingly rely on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to empower their workforce and enhance productivity. However, managing and securing these devices and the data they contain can be a complex and challenging task. Not only are you dealing with many different types of devices, but each has their own operating system, applications, and security challenges. Ongoing device management and other lifecycle services can also make things difficult. Sentinel wants to help your organization optimize its approach to mobility so you can reduce costs, improve data protection, increase operational efficiency, and accelerate productivity.
Easier Mobile Management
Many of our mobility solutions offer streamlined device management processes, allowing your organization to more easily manage and control its devices, applications, and related content. This centralized approach simplifies tasks such as device provisioning, software updates, security patches, and application deployment. Sentinel offers managed mobile services (MMS) as well, where our team handles the day-to-day administration of your devices, so your IT team can focus more of its time and resources on business growth and innovation.
Enhanced Mobile Security

Sentinel’s mobility solutions also aim to safeguard devices and the sensitive information they contain. They enable your organization to take advantage of features such as mobile device management (MDM) to enforce security policies, remotely wipe data in case of loss or theft, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Mobile application management (MAM) and mobile content management (MCM) enforce protection at a more granular level, allowing you to control access to applications and content, encrypt sensitive data, and implement secure containerization to separate personal and corporate information on mobile devices.
Expert Consulting
Whether your organization is still in the early stages of mobile strategy development or would simply like to get an outside perspective on how things are going and what can be done better, the experts from Sentinel’s Consulting team are eager to help. They take the time to learn about your environment and mobility needs, conduct an assessment of your current mobility setup, and then offers advice on ways to optimize your program to the benefit of both administrators and users.
Efficiency and Insight

The right mobility solutions will give your employees the tools to seamlessly collaborate thanks to secure document sharing, real-time communication, and access to enterprise applications from anywhere at any time. This flexibility means a more agile workforce capable of boosting productivity, irrespective of their physical location.

Advanced features such as comprehensive reporting and analytics can provide your organization with valuable insights such as device usage patterns, application performance, and security incidents. These insights may help your organization optimize its mobility strategy, make more informed decisions, and ensure a strong return on investment from your mobile devices.