ITSM Consulting - ServiceNow

Design, build, operate, and maintain a better IT environment

The ServiceNow platform is a game-changer for organizations seeking to enhance their IT Service Management (ITSM) practices and streamline operations. Its cloud-based infrastructure and extensive range of features empower organizations to optimize productivity, reduce complexity, and drive digital transformation. If you’re interested in deploying ServiceNow into your environment or simply want to maximize the benefits of your current ServiceNow platform, Sentinel has the expertise and experience to help you achieve your ITSM goals.

Why ServiceNow?

ServiceNow serves as a centralized hub for all ITSM activities, breaking down departmental silos and fostering collaboration across the organization. It offers a unified interface where data collection, storage, automation, reporting, projects, and service cases seamlessly integrate, creating a cohesive ecosystem that improves efficiency and effectiveness. Because ServiceNow resides in the cloud, users can access information, make changes, and submit requests securely from anywhere on any device. Your organization can use ServiceNow to develop, run, and manage applications, as well as automate routine tasks, accelerate incident resolution, and enhance service delivery. 

Sentinel x ServiceNow: Better Together

As experts in IT service management, Sentinel offers comprehensive consulting services to help your organization unlock the full potential of ServiceNow's capabilities. Our team can assist in the initial planning, deployment, and configuration of the platform, ensuring it aligns with your specific business requirements and objectives. We provide guidance on best practices, process optimization, and customization elements to properly integrate ServiceNow with the rest of your organization.

Sentinel also uses the ServiceNow portal to provide support and supplemental services to our customers and employees. This includes the ability to troubleshoot issues through ServiceNow’s virtual agent and extensive knowledge base tools rather than dealing with the complicated process of creating a service case.

ServiceNow can also maintain a catalog of employee skill sets, so when an issue arises that requires a new case to be submitted, the task can be automatically assigned to the person best equipped to handle it. If your organization already has ServiceNow deployed within your environment, Sentinel’s version can communicate and share with yours to ensure that all details and changes made remain uniform and up to date.