Enterprise Application Delivery

Ensuring optimized design, deployment, and integration of your applications

Enterprise applications serve as the backbone of most organizations, enabling dynamic communication, efficient workflows, and streamlined processes across various departments. When applications are properly optimized, they have the potential to boost productivity, reduce operational costs, enhance customer/user satisfaction, and deliver a competitive edge. In today’s diverse environments however, the mixture of legacy systems, mobility requirements, SaaS, and security features can create complex challenges as you attempt to select, deploy, and integrate new applications. Sentinel knows the application landscape, and offers multiple solutions that enable your organization to optimize its new and existing enterprise applications so you can achieve the strongest possible return on investment.

Pre-Packaged Applications

Chances are, your organization has deployed at least a few pre-packaged SaaS applications within its environment. These are the sort of “one size fits all” commercial applications built for general business tasks such as email, conferencing, and chat. Sentinel works with many industry-leading vendors and can help you obtain and quickly deploy these types of applications at a competitive or discounted cost. All of these solutions include our 24x7x365 white glove support, with optional automation and managed services components.

If your organization is searching for a pre-packaged enterprise application to fulfill a specific need or goal, Sentinel’s Consulting team can deliver expert guidance based on your priorities and technical requirements. Unfortunately, most pre-packaged enterprise applications have certain drawbacks – namely functionality limitations and extraneous features you may never use but still pay for. While these types of applications cannot be customized, we can work with your organization to regularly fine tune your applications in response to changing business priorities and technological advancements.

Custom Applications

There are certain situations where a pre-packaged enterprise application simply doesn’t offer enough benefits to make it worth the purchase, deployment, and integration. Custom applications take much longer to build and onboard into your environment, in addition to higher initial costs, but come with full ownership, scalability, and precise tailoring unavailable through any other means.

Sentinel takes a true partnership approach when working with your organization to create a custom enterprise application. Our process begins by conducting in-depth consultations with key stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific needs and challenges. This enables us to identify pain points and opportunities where customization can make a meaningful impact.

Once the requirements are thoroughly understood, Sentinel's skilled developers meticulously design an enterprise application to align perfectly with your organization's goals and processes. This customization process involves fine-tuning functionalities, user interfaces, and integrations to ensure a seamless fit within your existing environment. Throughout the development phase, Sentinel stays in touch with your organization, seeking validation and making adjustments based on real-time input.

Sentinel's commitment to close collaboration goes beyond the development stage. We offer continuous support, monitoring application performance and user experiences to address any issues that may arise. This iterative approach allows your organization to adapt the applications as your needs evolve, ultimately driving efficiency, productivity, and user satisfaction.