Always Secure Applications

Keep your apps safe from all types of threats

Applications are primary targets for cyber criminals because they contain valuable data and are often easy to exploit. This is why effective application security is more important than ever as threats and attacks continue to evolve. Rigorous testing, compliance, and other precautions can provide a solid foundation for many applications, however additional security tools are imperative to avoid and remediate breaches. Sentinel offers a number of security solutions focused exclusively on protecting your applications, no matter if they have been purchased or built from scratch by your internal team.

Web Application Security

If your organization uses an application that runs on a server and is accessible via the internet, it is likely exposed to a range of vulnerabilities as it is forced to accept connections from users over insecure networks. Sentinel offers comprehensive web application security solutions that include measures such as specialized firewalls, regular security audits, and penetration testing to identify and rectify potential weaknesses.

Common Application Security Threats
  • Account Compromises
  • Credential Exposure
  • Bot Attacks
  • Improperly Secured APIs
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
  • Application Misconfiguration
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Overly Complex Cloud Environments with Limited Visibility

API Security

Sentinel recognizes the importance of Application Program Interface (API) security and offers robust solutions to mitigate associated risks that may expose sensitive data such as personal and/or business-critical information. Our solutions focus on authentication, access control, encryption, monitoring, and testing to protect your data. Additionally, we can help you establish granular access controls to limit the actions and data that each API user can access, reducing the potential for misuse or unauthorized access.

Cloud Native Application Security

Sentinel offers security solutions that address the unique challenges of securing cloud native applications, including container security, microservices security, orchestration platform security, and DevSecOps best practices. The goal is to help your organization confidently embrace cloud native architectures while ensuring your applications and data remain secure and resilient.

Additional Application Security Solutions

Email Security

Sentinel provides high availability protection for your inboxes against malware, viruses, spam, phishing, and other types of attacks.

Data Wiping

If critical application data is lost or stolen, Sentinel can deploy protection software capable of remotely erasing that data to prevent unauthorized or malicious use. 

Data Encryption

We ensure your organization’s confidential data gets converted into a different format or code so only authorized users with a decryption key can view it.


Database Protection

Our team offers solutions and services such as monitoring, intrusion detection, authentication, encryption, and firewalls to help your organization maintain the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of critical applications and any related databases.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Sentinel can store immutable (undeletable) backup copies of your applications and related data in the cloud where they can be easily recovered if needed.