Optimizing AAS/Cloud Costs

Avoid unnecessary spending on your application and cloud solutions

The cloud and its related “as a Service” (AAS) solutions provide a seemingly endless amount of scalability and flexibility, along with the freedom to innovate. They also make it very easy for your technology costs to expand beyond expectations, forcing your organization to make difficult budget cuts or slow down growth to try and contain spending. Sentinel’s Lifecycle Services can help, no matter where your organization stands in its cloud journey. Our primary goal is to ensure you can maintain strong, cost-effective management of your cloud and AAS applications, so you can get the most value from those investments.

Why Sentinel?

Expert Guidance

The Sentinel team is comprised of highly certified experts who have extensive experience working with all types of cloud environments and AAS solutions. We understand what it takes to optimize these environments and keep costs reasonable.


Your organization may be paying for space or functionality you don’t need. We use advanced monitoring and analytics tools, to identify underutilized resources, idle instances, and bottlenecks that might contribute to cost inefficiencies.

Cost-Effective Designs

Whether your organization is just getting started or plans to expand further into the cloud, Sentinel can assist in the design of an infrastructure that leverages the right mix of cloud services, reserved instances, and spot instances so you can lay a solid foundation for cost optimization.


No two environments are the same, and there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to optimizing your cloud and AAS costs. Sentinel experts treat your organization like our own, and work with you to craft a custom approach that satisfies your unique requirements.

Proactive Management

Sentinel remains engaged to ensure your organization’s cloud and AAS investments remain optimized for both usage and budget. We conduct regular assessments and fine-tune based on changing demands and workloads, including right-sizing instances, streamlining storage solutions, and implementing data transfer strategies where needed.

Continuous Improvement

We are always looking for new ways to help your organization improve its scalability while keeping costs to a minimum. That could mean recommendations to re-architecture, consolidate, or simplify your cloud and AAS investments when appropriate.

Accountability and Tracking

Sentinel provides insights into cost allocation and department-level usage, facilitating transparency and accountability across the organization. By giving each team visibility into their cloud expenditures, your organization can encourage responsible resource usage and cost-conscious behavior.

Lifecycle Optimization

As your business needs and goals change, so too should your cloud and AAS investments. Cost optimization is an ongoing process, and Sentinel will work closely with you to ensure you can take advantage of every possible opportunity to save throughout the entire lifecycle.