Maximizing Software Value

Work with Sentinel to find, deploy, and fully maintain your enterprise software

Software helps your organization streamline operations, improve customer engagements, and drive innovation. However unlocking the full potential of software can only occur when it is effectively managed and optimized across its entire lifecycle, from initial strategy and deployment through retirement. This can be a challenge for many organizations to maintain, which is why Sentinel offers services that take a thorough, strategic, and custom approach to help you maximize the value of your software solutions throughout their entire lifespan.

Consulting and Strategy

Sentinel’s Lifecycle Services encompass a range of activities that revolve around planning, deployment, integration, optimization, management, maintenance, support, and eventual retirement of specific software investments. At the outset, we collaborate closely with your organization to understand its unique goals and challenges to ensure all software development efforts are tightly aligned with business objectives. These consulting and planning services create a software strategy that prioritizes features, mitigates risks, and seizes growth opportunities.

Development and Deployment

Our team utilizes ITSM methodologies, continuous integration, and efficient project management to shorten development cycles and accelerate time-to-market. Post-deployment, we prioritize monitoring, performance optimization, and user experience enhancement to ensure your software operates flawlessly and meets evolving user demands. Regular updates and upgrades are smoothly integrated into the software's lifecycle, keeping it relevant and competitive in a dynamic marketplace.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Once your software reaches maturity, Sentinel offers timely bug fixes, security patches, and user assistance to minimize risks and ensure uninterrupted functionality. As technology continues to innovate, we further assist your organization in strategically modernizing its software through updates, re-platforming, or migrations to newer technologies.


Easier, Smarter Software Management

Sentinel handles all the heavy lifting involving your software investments, and provides insights as well as analysis so you understand how it’s performing and can adjust settings as needed.

Streamlined Subscriptions and Licensing

If your organization intends to accelerate its cloud presence and adopt more Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions, the Sentinel team can help you manage and maximize your licensing in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Quality Performance and Uptime

The experts from Sentinel have extensive experience working with all types of software, and work tirelessly to ensure your investments remain optimized and always available.

Value and ROI

By remaining involved with your software from the very beginning prior to deployment, Sentinel can help your organization realize its value faster and ensure the strongest possible return on investment.