Customer Experience Delivered

When you succeed, we succeed

Your organization’s success and satisfaction are Sentinel’s top priority. Our dedicated Customer Experience (CX) team stands as the embodiment of Sentinel’s unwavering commitment to fostering an exceptional, long-term partnership with your organization. We recognize that success extends beyond the mere utilization of technology. It’s about understanding and addressing your unique challenges and aspirations, which is why our CX team goes above and beyond in their efforts to create an unparalleled experience for every single customer.

Your Personal Customer Experience Manager

When your organization conducts any amount of business with Sentinel, it is assigned a designated Customer Experience Manager (CXM), who schedules regular cadence meetings to develop strategy, set goals, and solicit feedback on how we’re doing. Any problems are handled with immediacy and the utmost discretion. Your CXM will:

  • Oversee all aspects of your customer experience
  • Monitor and measure your customer experience and performance to add business value
  • Schedule service reviews
  • Monitor overall health and satisfaction trends through reviews
  • Coordinate follow-ups and action items as needed
  • Proactively offer ideas and insights to improve your issues and challenges
  • Act as your advocate and liaison between your organization and other departments within Sentinel such as Business Development, Product Development and Technical Services

A Genuine Partnership

At the core of Sentinel's Customer Experience approach lies a deep understanding that technology is just one piece of the puzzle. True value is derived from how effectively technology is integrated into your operations, and more importantly, how it contributes to your organization’s growth and success. That is why our CX team operates not only as a support unit but as strategic partners in your journey towards excellence.

Close listening, proactive communication, and a genuine commitment to understanding the nuances of your specific needs and goals are just some of the ways Sentinel’s CX team helps ensure any solutions or services you purchase from us remain technically sound and in alignment with your specific vision. Your CXM acts as a direct liaison and advocate on your behalf for all things Sentinel, ensuring whatever issues or feedback you provide reaches the proper resources to continuously enhance your IT investments with us throughout their entire lifecycle. Our CX team also sends out a monthly newsletter to customers with featured solutions, news, events, and surveys, along with other important and relevant information to help enhance the customer experience.

By nurturing relationships built on trust, transparency, and growth, Sentinel’s CX team strives to create a true partnership that propels your organization forward and sets a shining example of what it means to prioritize human connection in the realm of business.