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University Relies on Sentinel CloudSelect for Multiple Cloud Services

Fri Mar 11, 2016


The University relied on a lower speed internet service.  Customer currently had a Cisco Unified Communications Solution in place utilizing traditional phone service connectivity.  In addition the environment had basic security measures in place and an adequate but not scalable backup system.


With the upcoming fall opening and a new facilities announcement being streamed over the web, the University had a need for new and faster internet connectivity.  In addition, due to the high cost of their traditional carrier service, the University desired to move to carrier delivered SIP IP trunk services for their on premise Cisco Unified Communications systems.  With backup needs increasing, the customer realized they also needed an off-premise backup target solution to ensure critical systems would be highly available.


After reviewing multiple offerings from various providers, the University chose the Sentinel CloudSelect® platform along with CloudSelect® managed services to meet their needs.   Sentinel CloudSelect® was able to provision Internet services within weeks to the fiber connection once released from the previous provider.  Sentinel’s internet solution included the following: 

INTERNETaaS – Scale on demand dual provider CloudSelect® redundant Internet services to prevent DDOS along with other embedded security measures, security monitoring, and SIEM (security incident and event management) technologies.

Leveraged dark fiber connection to CloudSelect® carrier hotel in one of the largest data centers in the world

Provisioned 10GbE connection to CloudSelect and delivered 2Gb INTERNETaaS for the University

Fully resilient BGP routing and peering as well as fully managed and monitored by the Sentinel 24*7*365 network operations center

To address the traditional carrier connectivity challenge, Sentinel prescribed the following solution:

CloudSelect® Cisco Collaboration (C3™)

On demand SIP trunks and SIP utilization for inbound, outbound, DID, and 800 calling

Redundant trunk services delivered between multiple SIP termination points and multiple CloudSelect® data centers with geographic redundancy

To increase backup consistency and capacity, Sentinel provided:

CloudSelect® BaaS (Backup as a Service) target

Leveraging CloudSelect® BaaS VEEAM edition multi-tenant cloud target

On demand backup storage archive tier space, fully redundant and off premise automated by the customer’s own backup and retention policies.


The on demand always available INTERNETaaS provides security along with full redundancy including carrier and facilities diversity for a non-stop internet available and speed experience.  Additional internet services are available on demand and constantly monitored for availability and utilization.

Through redundant connections and regionally diverse data centers, CloudSelect® provides the telecom connectivity required for the University.  This design also supports redundant instances of their voice solution within CloudSelect® C3.  Additionally CloudSelect® is leveraged to provide off-site automated backup services to assure critical data is available at all times and protected in the event of a disaster.

The University in essence has extended their IT organization by nearly 350 IT members by selecting Sentinel CloudSelect®.  Making the CloudSelect® decision allows this customer the ability to experience the true Hybrid IT available from Sentinel CloudSelect® and to focus their efforts on supporting the educational needs of their customers.