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Transportation Company Drives Into the Future with a Sentinel Storage Solution

Fri Mar 11, 2016


This customer had one location with an outdated storage and virtualization environment. They also had inadequate backup for their primary system and data.


The customer had inadequate storage and virtualization to meet their business needs and their backup solution put them at risk in the event a disaster recovery scenario.


Sentinel first addressed the down revision virtualization and storage environment.  Sentinel provided a solution consisting of the latest release of VMWare virtualization software along with a NetApp Storage infrastructure.  With regard to backup Sentinel offered a number of options to address the customer’s needs such as DR on demand and backup to Sentinel’s Cloud.  In the end, Sentinel recommended BaaS which resulted in a solution which took only weeks to implement.


The implementation of the new virtualization and storage environment resulted in improved stability along with room for future growth in their storage capacity.  The rapidly deployed BaaS provided a much improved scenario in the event of physical plant or data loss.