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Timely OS Upgrade Keeps Agency Chugging Along

Fri Mar 11, 2016


The customer’s operating system for Office applications was running an old version of Microsoft XP.  The version they were using was end of life and end of support with Microsoft.


The customer chose Sentinel to assist in a Windows 7 Migration across the country to all of their 50 locations.  Windows 7 OS was selected as the best fit to meet the customer’s needs while minimizing disruption to the environment.  The impending expiration of updates and support meant the solution needed to be deployed across the US in a short timeframe.  Due to Sentinel’s intimate knowledge of the customer environment and familiarity with all remote locations, Sentinel was chosen as the partner to manage the project and deploy the solution.


Over 1100 desktops and laptops were migrated to the Windows 7 OS.  The upgrade was performed in a four week timeframe and each Windows upgrade was installed and integrated into the customer’s environment without disruption to business operations during normal working hours.  All users were migrated off the pre-existing XP solution onto the new operating system without any loss of functionality or features. 


By converting over 1100 users in multiple states within the four week timeframe (over 275 PC’s migrated each week) the project stayed on schedule.  This eliminated a potentially challenging situation for the user base who were able to continue to operate productively with no interruption to business.  In addition , the Windows 7 OS upgrade provided a stable platform and a smooth transition for all users.