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Sentinel Solves a Healthcare Customer's Backup Issue

Mon Dec 11, 2023


The customer utilizes a number of Microsoft solutions throughout their environment, including applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive. They also have a number of healthcare-specific solutions, with additional security and other compliance measures to satisfy HIPAA privacy standards.


The customer’s backup solution was not working well for their specific needs. It had become expensive to operate and often created unnecessary complications for both users and administrators. They were searching for a new backup solution that was high quality, easy to use, budget friendly, and could operate within their HIPAA compliance requirements.


Sentinel recommended AvePoint’s cloud backup solution for the customer’s Microsoft 365 applications. AvePoint's offering provided a centralized, automated, and highly customizable backup system for Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive data. The Sentinel and AvePoint teams arranged a demo for the customer, who was impressed with the solution’s user interface (UI) and versatility, as well as its affordability. Sentinel deployed the AvePoint backup solution with additional customizations for a smoother integration and proper alignment with HIPAA regulations.


The customer is very happy with the AvePoint cloud backup solution. They appreciate how easy it is to use, particularly that it provides clear visibility into what data and elements from their Microsoft 365 environment are being backed up. If a malware or phishing attempt is discovered through their email, this backup solution allows it to be addressed immediately. AvePoint backups double as an auditing and isolation tool, so the customer can easily revert back to a safe point if an incident or other problem occurs.  

The customer also expressed gratitude for the expert guidance, customization, optimization, and support the Sentinel team provided throughout the development and deployment of the project. Sentinel regularly engages with the customer to ensure the delivered backup solution continues to meet their expectations, and to discuss potential collaborations on technology projects in the future.