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Sentinel Prescribes CloudSelect Services for a Pharmaceutical Company

Thu May 25, 2017


The customer was separating from their parent company and as a result no longer had the necessary equipment or data center to host their infrastructure and related applications.


Since their parent company had provided hosting, IT equipment and support, the customer needed to move all of their systems and applications into a new environment without losing anything or disrupting normal service to their clients.


Instead of building a large data center to store and manage key infrastructure elements, Sentinel worked with the customer to create a hosted environment through our CloudSelect platform. Their complete data, application, and domain structure were migrated into a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution over a two month period, after which the customer began using that version to handle their production needs. Their phone system and contact center were moved as well. Operational backups were created using a secondary offsite data center to allow for easy restoration in the event of an attack or critical system error.


The transition between environments was seamless. All of the customer’s data was placed into Sentinel’s CloudSelect architecture with minimal disruption or change in operations. While the domain structure from their parent company remains in place, Sentinel is working closely with the customer to develop a new one. The customer’s wireless capabilities also became enhanced with the installation of WiFiaaS at two of their sites, with plans to extend to every location in the near future. As their business continues to grow, the customer plans to rely on Sentinel’s Managed Services for the monitoring, maintenance and support of their IT environment and associated applications.