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Sentinel Managed Services Contribute to a Charity's IT Operations

Wed Nov 07, 2018


The customer was undergoing an extensive project to refresh the IT infrastructure at each of their locations into a standardized solution with Meraki firewalls, switches, and wireless.


The customer had 100+ locations across the U.S. that each had independently managed IT environments with different configurations and solutions. The foundation wanted to unify them with Meraki in the hopes of building stronger communication, security, and support. Shortly after beginning this process however, they realized this new centralized IT approach would be extremely difficult to manage and maintain without building their own Network Operations Center (NOC). Rather than commit all the time, money, and responsibility required to construct and operate a NOC, the customer turned to Sentinel for help.


Sentinel began to provide Managed Services for the customer’s locations that had already been upgraded to Meraki. This included monitoring through the Sentinel NOC as well as regular maintenance and support services to ensure their network remained up-to-date and fully operational. The customer was also concerned about security, and engaged with Sentinel’s Advisory Services team to perform penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, NIST alignment, policies-procedures analysis, and security training for employees.


Sentinel’s Managed Services significantly reduced the strain on the customer’s IT department. This enabled them to focus more time and resources on upgrading the rest of their locations to Meraki, which were then integrated into Sentinel’s coverage. It provided a faster time to resolution, as the Sentinel support team is available 24x7x365 to handle any technical issues or incidents. The lower overall operating expenses also allowed the customer to save more money, and every dollar saved is an extra dollar that goes toward helping craft experiences for critically ill children. Sentinel’s relationship with the customer continues to grow, as they consider adding SOC monitoring to further improve their security posture and time to resolution.