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Sentinel Cures a Hospital’s Internal Communications Issue

Mon Mar 07, 2016


The customer’s environment was a comprehensive mixture of products from a variety of different manufacturers. They used Cisco for servers, network and unified communications, VMware for virtualization elements and EMC for storage.


The customer was preparing to change their electronic health records (EHR) software from Meditech to Epic, and needed a way to inform all of their employees throughout multiple departments and locations. They did not have any internal communications portal to engage with their employees.


Using our CloudSelect® Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Sentinel was able to establish a SharePoint portal that the customer could use as an internal communications tool. The high degree of scalability offered by the cloud enabled us to deploy this solution and train employees in a very short period of time. Sentinel also provided additional assistance and support to the customer as needed.


The solution provided a new platform through which the customer could now communicate and share things with all of their employees at once, no matter their department or location. Since the customer already had a long history with Sentinel, they trusted us to supply them with a quick and effective solution. The customer was so satisfied with the results they are interested in expanding SharePoint and other cloud elements in the near future.