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School District Calls Sentinel for a Phone Upgrade

Mon Jun 01, 2020


The customer was using Cisco routers and switches, along with some Cisco Meraki for their wireless connections. They also had a Cisco phone system. Portions of their data center included Dell Technologies solutions.


The customer’s phone system with Cisco Call Manager had become misconfigured over time, which resulted in a whole host of issues, particularly when the district attempted to set up new phones for teachers. They asked Sentinel to help them diagnose and fix the problems.


Sentinel launched an initial time and materials engagement with the customer to examine their systems and figure out what needed to be fixed. The Sentinel team identified a few different areas where the customer was out of compliance with their Cisco Unified Communications (UC) license. Additionally, Cisco Call Manager and two servers were end of life and creating instability throughout the phone system. Sentinel engineers replaced the two servers and upgraded the district to the newest version of Call Manager. The COVID-19 outbreak temporarily suspended work on this project as the customer was not allowing any outside personnel to enter their facilities, however those restrictions were eventually lifted with a number of safety measures in place to ensure proper protection for everyone.


The updated version of Cisco Call Manager combined with the two new servers not only fully restored the customer’s phone system, but provided advanced tools to make it easier for them to manage. “Installation and deployment were seamless, and we were able to successfully cut over on our first attempt,” explained the customer. The district is now back in compliance with a new Cisco UC license. They are currently planning additional projects with Sentinel, including upgrades to network switches and security.