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Retail Clothing Chain Stitches Together A New Network Using Cisco Meraki

Thu Mar 02, 2023


The customer had a wide variety of technology products and solutions across all of their locations, resulting in environments that were difficult to manage and maintain. Some of their equipment was aging or had reached end of life.


Outdated routers and switches created network problems at many of the customer’s locations, often resulting in extremely slow wireless and general connection errors. Some stores were forced to shut down operations for a day so engineers could repair bad switches and restore the network. Increasing frustration with their IT vendor pushed the customer to look for a new provider as they began a project to streamline their network and more easily manage their technology needs across locations. They also needed help financing this new equipment. 


Sentinel leveraged our partnership with Cisco Meraki to design a comprehensive network upgrade for the customer. Once deployed, the cloud-based Meraki solution provided the customer with strong, reliable network connections at all of their locations. The Sentinel and Meraki teams co-hosted several training sessions for the customer’s employees to show them how to take full advantage of the many features offered by this new technology. In addition to extremely competitive pricing, Sentinel also secured three years of interest-free financing for the customer through Cisco Capital.


Cisco Meraki helped deliver unprecedented visibility into the customer’s network so they could monitor traffic, manage devices, and allocate resources to each store when needed. This made it much easier for employees to handle critical day-to-day tasks. Significant improvements to the wireless network also enhanced the overall shopper experience. The customer has been thrilled with these upgrades, and are grateful to Sentinel for providing guidance, training, and financial incentives so the project could be completed. They are planning to expand their partnership with Sentinel as they continue to update the technology across all of their shops.