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International Bank Strengthens Network Platform and Telephony Communications

Fri Apr 08, 2016


The customer’s infrastructure consisted of primarily Cisco products. The network core was solid and up to date but the routers had not been updated, creating limited connectivity options and constrained connection speeds. There were also a variety of phone systems and call routing features at many of the branch locations.


Since the routers were out of date, it became a limiting factor in the customer’s desire to consolidate and standardize their global telecommunication. Additionally, the wide range of telephone systems at their locations across the globe had become increasingly unreliable and made it difficult for quality collaborations. 


Over a four-year period, Sentinel designed, deployed and project managed the global rollout of a standardized Cisco IP telephony platform. Several hundred new voice and analog gateways were deployed along with 20,000+ new desktop phones and 900+ conference phones. A distributed network consisting of six call processors in North America and five each in Europe and Asia was designed and deployed by Sentinel to ensure fault tolerance and create redundancy. 


The solution helped to minimize disruption by allowing all 20,000+ users to keep their existing phone numbers while enabling seven digit dialing to anywhere on the globe. Additionally, the integrated communication, network and telephony solution now in place lays a foundation that will help the bank access a growing list of new features so they can establish greater mobility, increased performance consistency, better communication across geographies and integration with future collaboration tools.