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Hospital Revives Their IT Infrastructure With Sentinel

Wed Jul 06, 2022


The customer’s environment consisted of numerous products and services from a variety of vendors. They had an NEC phone system and Check Point routers all throughout the hospital. Their environment was protected by an email filter, Check Point firewalls, and a Kaspersky security suite.


The accumulation of outdated products and services created an infrastructure incapable of meeting demand requirements. The customer’s phone system experienced connectivity issues and lacked the ability to monitor and manage those issues. Their data center and network had limited redundancy, and the routers throughout the hospital were rapidly aging. They were looking to strengthen their security posture due to an obsolete email filter and firewalls, along with a security suite that provided only a basic level of protection.


Sentinel’s experts worked closely with the hospital’s IT director to establish a plan to implement numerous upgrades to their infrastructure. The strategy began with the installation of a more advanced phone system from Cisco that utilized 2Ring and Calabrio. Once complete, Sentinel removed the aging routers and firewalls from the environment and built the customer a high-availability network. With these enhancements in place, efforts were shifted to improving security posture. This started with Sentinel addressing security policy issues by implementing DUO Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect access to critical applications and data. Cisco Email Security was installed to provide more robust and advanced filtering of employee inboxes. Their security posture was further solidified by enrolling the customer in Fortis by Sentinel’s Extended Detection and Response (XDR) service. Sentinel then combined the XDR service with Darktrace Antigena to protect their network against malicious behavior.


The proposed solutions and services were implemented without any issues, resulting in increased capabilities and improved security posture. The customer’s new Cisco phone system has the ability to monitor and manages issues while providing patients and visitors with consistent connectivity to hospital staff. Their newly created high-availability network delivers increased redundancy to their internet service provider, ensuring continuous operations and uptime. Finally, the security enhancements have significantly strengthened the customer’s environment against all types of attacks, and they have a newfound sense of confidence knowing if an incident does occur that Fortis by Sentinel XDR will identify it and respond quickly

Since the success of the infrastructure overhaul, the customer has continued to utilize Sentinel’s expertise for additional projects, including a disaster recovery (DR) site to protect against outages. The DR site will be created in partnership with Pure Storage to deliver a faster, more automated DR experience. The Sentinel Healthcare Initiative Team is also working on a project with the hospital to enhance the patient experience. Digital wallboards are being installed in all hospital rooms, making it easier than ever to share critical communications and information with patients, visitors, and staff.