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Healthcare Network Upgrades Their Meetings With Cisco Webex

Mon Jul 17, 2023


The customer was largely operating from a cloud environment across all their locations, built primarily using wireless, routing, and security from Cisco Meraki. Sentinel helped the customer with cabling as they opened new clinics with switching and a data center.


The customer frequently held organization-wide meetings at a large event space, resulting in hundreds of employees traveling from various locations to attend in person. Between the travel times and the challenges associated with managing a large crowd, these meetings were taking multiple hours out of the work day and disrupting productivity. The customer sought to alleviate the issue by adopting a solution that would enable them to host virtual meetings.


Sentinel deployed Cisco Webex throughout the customer’s environment. This allowed them to have meetings and share content in a virtual space so nobody would have to leave the office. Sentinel also helped the customer install a Cisco Webex Board at their headquarters, which is an all-in-one device that makes it easy to wirelessly present, whiteboard, audio/video conference, and collaborate with others. As most employees were unfamiliar with Webex, Sentinel provided training for those who hosted meetings on a frequent basis.


Sentinel encountered some challenges early on in the project when the customer lost their IT Director and did not hire a replacement for a few months, however the deployment continued and remained on schedule until completion. While many of the customer’s employees were initially hesitant to adopt Webex for their meetings, the training helped to sharply increase their comfort level with the platform. There are no longer any concerns about the loss of time, productivity, and expenses stemming from employees traveling to attend meetings since they are now conducted in a virtual space. The customer praised Sentinel for how well the project turned out, and has expressed interest in further collaborations as they look to transition to Microsoft 365 and expand their use of Cisco Meraki in the near future.