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Global Manufacturer Assembles A Communications Network

Wed Mar 16, 2016


The customer owns and continues to acquire new brands, each having separate, often multi-vendor environments with no direct connection to the parent company. Many of the customer’s brands used old or outdated communications and voice products, and in some cases lacked a contact center or other customer service tools entirely.


It was difficult for the customer to manage the disparate communications systems of their individual brands. Those with older communications equipment also had high maintenance costs, and often lacked the tools necessary to effectively deliver and measure the quality of caller interactions.


Sentinel helped the customer create an enterprise-wide unified communications system through our partners at Cisco. This included industry-leading products and applications such as Unified Communications Manager, Unified Computing System and Contact Center. Together they helped create a state-of-the-art, intelligent call routing and recording platform for service representatives, maintained on a single voice network for easier management and scalability.


The customer now has a standard, centralized system for all call and voice network traffic across the many companies and brands they own. They are able to better operate and manage their communications at a lower cost with fewer equipment and maintenance needs. The scalability of the unified communications platform also makes it easier for the customer to incorporate new business acquisitions in the future as they continue to grow. With a world-class contact center and call recording application, service calls and inquiries can be monitored to help improve interactions and caller satisfaction.