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Global Insurance Provider Secures Web Traffic

Fri Mar 11, 2016


Prior to Sentinel’s solution implementation, the customer’s web content filtering infrastructure throughout its five U.S. offices was decentralized and the incumbent solution was not meeting all of the organizations technology and business requirements.


This corporation required a content filtering solution that could scale across a global network of company locations.  In addition, their Bluecoat licensing was expiring creating deadlines that needed to be strictly adhered to in order to meet the company and regulatory requirements. In addition, the solution needed to be deployed in five U.S. geographic regions in that short timeframe.


Due to the aggressive timeframes and zero tolerances for failure, Cisco recommended Security Master Solution Partner, Sentinel to manage the project and deploy the solution. Sentinel designed the solution that included Cisco’s Web Security Appliance (WSA) (for content filtering) and coupled it with Cisco’s ScanSafe product.  This solution consolidated three different decentralized web-content filtering solutions into one global policy-based WSA solution.  Each WSA was installed and integrated into the customer’s networking environment without disruption to business operations.  All users were migrated off the pre-existing Bluecoat solution onto the Cisco WSA solution without any loss in functionality.  Finally, test and acceptance plans for each Global Business Unit was executed without any failures which eliminated post-support incidents.


The complete solution was implemented within the customer deadlines and all five locations in the U.S. consisting of 100,000+ users were moved over without interruption allowing the customer to be in compliance with its internal and industry required security policies.