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Education Customer Tests A Whole New Infrastructure

Mon Oct 16, 2023


The customer was separating from their parent company, and needed to build an IT environment from scratch at their new headquarters to support staff, teachers, and students.


Since the customer couldn’t take any technology from their former parent company with them as they transitioned into a new environment, they needed to develop a complete end-to-end infrastructure in about five weeks. It was a lot of work to accomplish in a short time frame. 


Sentinel sat down with the customer and did a walkthrough of their new headquarters to gain a better understanding of the space requirements and determine their exact technology needs. Those details were used to build a comprehensive IT infrastructure that included network routing and switching, security with an advanced firewall, as well as multiple voice solutions. The Sentinel team worked with supply chain vendors to ensure adequate lead times, and secured engineers for rapid deployment under the short deadline. Instead of traditional servers, Sentinel used its C3 solution (CloudSelectTM Cisco Collaboration) with SIP trunking and DID (Direct Inward Dialing) in order to meet the customer’s voice requirements by the target date. Other pieces of the infrastructure were also shifted to the cloud because the physical hardware would not be available in time.


Sentinel managed to successfully deploy an entirely new infrastructure for the customer in accordance with their short timeline of only a few weeks. This included a highly secure network and phone system featuring a mixture of physical and cloud solutions. The customer feels confident with their infrastructure, and their ability to provide support to all of their schools. This project also enabled Sentinel to transcend a traditional customer relationship into something best defined as a close partnership, which has resulted in additional endeavors including infrastructure management and the development of an IT strategic roadmap.