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Education Customer Dials in New Voice Solution

Fri Mar 11, 2016


The University was using an aged proprietary phone system that was becoming more and more undependable and expensive to support.


The customer was at a cross roads.  They wanted a newer system with advanced capabilities that would also enable them to lower their cost of support and moves, adds and changes.  Because the old phone system was in place for so long, they realized training and familiarization with the new system could result in interruption to student studies and business operations.  Therefore the new system needed to be intuitive and coupled with a quality training plan for the users.


Sentinel Pre-Sales Engineers developed a solution that revolved around Cisco’s Unified Communications Platform.  This included Unified Call Manager, Unity Connection for voicemail, and Emergency Responder Servers for 911 support.  The Solution was deployed during spring break at the University’s four campus locations for a total of 1200 phones.   During the installation, a challenge was encountered regarding the cabling at one of the locations.  Sentinel was able to overcome the challenge by toning and tagging all cables at the location.


The University now enjoys a state-of-the-art Unified Communications system that is dependable and scalable and allows 4-digit dialing from any of their four locations.  Their advanced voicemail system integrates with e-mail resulting in improved collaboration and efficiency.  Their new 911 Services provide greatly improved location accuracy for any 911 calls.  This customer also enjoys a more robust and fault-tolerant network environment which improves user experience for students and faculty alike.