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True tales of customer success with Sentinel

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College System Gets An Education In Security

Sun Jan 21, 2018


The customer was operating from a largely Cisco environment, which included very basic network, firewall, and other security elements.


The customer had recently suffered multiple security breaches after two users clicked on a link in a phishing email that was sent out from somebody pretending to be the president of the company. They wanted to talk with Sentinel about their security concerns and how best to protect and manage their environment with a small IT staff.


After meeting with the customer to better understand their security issues, they agreed to have Sentinel’s Strategic Advisory Group conduct an assessment on their environment. Through that process, our consultants discovered the customer’s network was not fully up to date, and that Ransomware was present but not yet active on their system. Sentinel notified the customer, and they asked us to patch and update their network. The discovery of Ransomware also caused the customer to reexamine their approach to security, and they agreed to a 21-day Proof of Value trial of Cisco Umbrella with additional support from Sentinel’s Managed Services.


Sentinel’s security assessment uncovered Ransomware, and our subsequent patch protected the customer from a potential loss of data, money, and productivity. The addition of Cisco Umbrella created an extra layer of security and provided the customer with advanced insight and control into their environment to more easily detect and combat complex threats. “For the first time, I feel like we’re being proactive instead of reactive with our security,” enthused their Director of IT.

Sentinel’s Managed Services also delivered some much-needed relief to the customer’s understaffed IT department, as our maintenance and support allowed them to focus on other tasks important to the organization.