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College Group Tests A New SD-WAN Solution

Fri Jun 09, 2023


The customer used primarily Cisco solutions throughout their IT environment, including wireless networking and access points, a phone system with Call Manager, and Umbrella for security. They also relied on Sentinel for Managed Services, ACTSTM, and Staffing.


There was a fair amount of legacy equipment in the customer’s IT environment, and they were interested in an upgrade with some advanced solutions. The focus was on networking as they planned to deploy an SD-WAN solution and needed Sentinel’s help with strategy, design, and budgeting.


As the customer was struggling to complete the SD-WAN upgrade under tight budget cycles, Sentinel worked closely with them and proposed a number of different options aimed at maximizing the value of their purchases without sacrificing the overall quality of the project. Once the Sentinel team settled on the technical design elements and negotiated pricing with Cisco, 14 new routers were deployed in quarterly phases across the customer’s locations in conjunction with the funds available during each period.


The new SD-WAN solution and routers significantly increased the customer’s bandwidth while lowering the overall cost of operation. It also provided greater visibility into their network as well as easier, more centralized network management for all of their locations. The customer was very happy with the way this next-generation solution enhanced their environment, and expressed gratitude to Sentinel for being a partner they could count on to meet their needs from a technology, strategy, and budgetary standpoint. They continue to grow their relationship with Sentinel and plan out additional IT projects for the future.