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C3 Meets Districts Required Elements for Top Grade

Fri Mar 11, 2016


This customer had an updated IT infrastructure that included Cisco Core and Edge Switching, UCS Servers, VMWare for virtualization, and EMC VNX and Isilon for storage.  The customer also had Cisco voice solution in place that was in need of an upgrade. 


The cost for supporting the Cisco voice system had increased since the original installation.  Over the years, they found they had accumulated a number of carrier lines that needed to be assessed.  In addition the customer had few resources to support the platform so day-to-day activities such as moves, adds, and changes as well as managing and resolving tickets had become a challenge.


Sentinel prescribed their Cloud Voice Solution C3 (Cisco Cloud Collaboration) as an ideal solution to address the customer’s needs.  Sentinel’s CloudSelect® platform integrated seamlessly with the customer’s Cisco network infrastructure and many of their phone handsets.  Sentinel also provided additional bandwidth for WAN Communications and eliminated many underutilized carrier lines.


By applying a creative approach to the C3 solution, Sentinel helped the customer to qualify for e-rate funding which subsidized the procurement of the solution.  By eliminating the need for day-to-day support, the Sentinel solution served to create additional budget which also helped to fund the project.   Finally the elimination of unneeded carrier circuits resulted in additional savings.