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Bank Smartly Spends on Sentinel’s Security Operations Center

Wed Aug 09, 2023


The customer was using HPE servers with Nimble storage, along with firewalls from Palo Alto and a Mitel phone system.


Compliance requirements and government regulations were extremely important to the customer, so they were looking for a SOC 2 certified technology partner to help log and monitor their network firewalls in order to meet the strict demands of auditors.


Sentinel’s Security Operations Center (SOC) began to provide 24x7x365 monitoring and activity logging for the customer’s firewalls. All suspicious activity and active threats were flagged and sent as alerts to the customer so they could take the necessary actions to ensure customers and employees remained safe and secure. While there were some initial issues with the way logs were ingested, Sentinel engineers and software developers worked together on coding to create a custom solution to fit the customer’s specific needs.


Once Sentinel’s SOC monitoring was in place, it gave the customer an additional layer of security as well as greater insight into their own vulnerabilities so they could strengthen their overall security posture. This not only provided them with more peace of mind, but also confidence that they would be able to satisfy auditors and any regulatory banking requirements. A short time later, the customer ended their relationship with a different security vendor and asked Sentinel to take over the management and operation of their entire security infrastructure.