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Embracing the Future of Cybersecurity with Cisco XDR and Fortis by Sentinel MSSP Services

Thu March 14, 2024

by Andrew Livingston, Fortis by Sentinel Cybersecurity Specialist

In the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, organizations worldwide are turning to advanced security solutions to protect their digital assets. Cisco's Extended Detection and Response (XDR) stands at the forefront of this effort, offering comprehensive, unified defenses against a wide array of threats. However the full potential of such advanced solutions can only be unlocked with expert management and strategic oversight. This is where Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) like Fortis by Sentinel come into play. This guide dives deeper into the synergy between Cisco XDR and Fortis MSSP services, illustrating their combined power through a real-world scenario.

Synergy of Cisco XDR and MSSP Services

While Cisco XDR provides the technological foundation for robust cybersecurity defenses, integrating MSSP services such as Fortis by Sentinel enhances its effectiveness. Here are the combined benefits:

  • Expert Oversight - Fortis by Sentinel brings a team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals to manage and optimize Cisco XDR, ensuring your security strategies are not just implemented but also continuously refined.
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring and Response - The dynamic nature of cyber threats demands constant vigilance. Fortis ensures round-the-clock monitoring, with experts ready to respond to incidents at a moment's notice.
  • Tailored Security Strategies - Your organization's security needs are unique. Fortis customizes our approach, leveraging Cisco XDR's capabilities to meet specific security requirements, thereby maximizing protection.
  • Cost Efficiency - Fortis by Sentinel offers a cost-effective solution to managing complex security infrastructures like Cisco XDR, providing top-tier security services without the need to invest in expanding internal teams.

A Real-World Scenario: Enhanced Protection in Action

A multinational corporation recently deployed Cisco XDR across its global operations. Despite the advanced capabilities of XDR, the organization struggled with the complexity of managing such a sophisticated system and ensuring it was optimized for their specific needs.


The corporation faced a sophisticated cyberattack aimed at accessing and stealing sensitive data. Despite having Cisco XDR, the sheer volume of alerts overwhelmed the in-house team, delaying the identification and response to the actual threat.


The corporation integrated Fortis by Sentinel’s MSSP services into their Cisco XDR solution. This allowed for the following:

  • Enhanced Detection and Response – With Fortis experts managing Cisco XDR, their anomaly detection became more precise, significantly reducing false positives. The real threat was quickly identified amidst the sea of alerts.
  • Strategic Response – Leveraging the automation and integration capabilities of Cisco XDR, Fortis implemented an immediate, coordinated response. This included isolating compromised systems and blocking malicious communications, effectively containing the threat.
  • Ongoing Optimization – Post-incident, Fortis conducted a thorough review, adjusting the security policies within Cisco XDR to better protect against similar future threats. Additionally, the Fortis team provided strategic recommendations for strengthening the corporation’s overall security posture.


Fortis MSSP services transformed the corporation's approach to cybersecurity. Not only was the immediate threat neutralized with minimal impact, but the ongoing management and optimization of Cisco XDR by Fortis experts significantly improved the corporation's resilience against future attacks.


The adoption of Cisco XDR, complemented by the expert management and strategic oversight of Fortis MSSP services, represents a comprehensive approach to modern cybersecurity. This powerful combination not only enhances an organization's ability to detect and respond to threats but also ensures that cybersecurity strategies evolve in line with the changing threat landscape.

The synergy between Cisco XDR and Fortis by Sentinel can help your organization achieve improved detection accuracy, rapid response capabilities, and ultimately, a stronger security posture. In today's complex cyber environment, leveraging such integrated solutions is not just beneficial but essential for safeguarding digital assets and maintaining trust in an increasingly interconnected world.

If you are interested in learning more about Cisco XDR and/or Fortis by Sentinel’s MSSP services, along with the benefits of having them work together in tandem, make sure to Contact Us or reach out to your Sentinel Account Manager today!