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Sentinel Prescribes An Upgraded Collaboration Solution For A Healthcare Customer

Thu April 01, 2021


A healthcare organization was using older and unsupported communication and collaboration software within their environment, which left them vulnerable to security and other organizational risks. Out of an abundance of caution and a desire to expand the adoption and use of collaboration applications within the organization, they engaged with Sentinel on a project that consisted of upgrades to their Cisco Unified Communications platforms, upgrades to designated third-party applications, upgrades to their VMware host environments supporting the platforms & applications, integration with Microsoft Active Directory, and adoption of Cisco WebEx Meetings though a hybrid integration with the upgraded Cisco UC. These upgrades and enhancements took place on host systems located in an on premise data center, Sentinel’s CloudSelect C3 environment, and through integrations with Cisco’s cloud-based services. It impacted all handsets and connected devices throughout the organization’s entire Unified Communications & Collaboration network.


The components below were deployed by the Sentinel team to upgrade the healthcare organization’s Cisco Unified Communications platform to Version 12.5:

  • Upgrade Cisco CallManager (CUCM) environment to Version 12.5(1)SUx
  • Upgrade Cisco Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P) environment to Version 12.5(1)SUx and add High Availability to the environment
  • Upgrade Cisco Unity Connection to Version 12.5(1)SUx
  • Upgrade Cisco Emergency Responder (CER) to Version 12.5(1)SUx
  • Upgrade Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) to Version 12.5(1)
  • Migrate Agents to Finesse and Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
  • Upgrade Cisco / Calabrio Advanced Quality Management (AQM) to Version 11.5(1)
  • Upgrade Windows Servers to 2012 R2
  • Upgrade SQL Server to Version 2014
  • Upgrade Cisco Unified Attendant Console applications
  • Upgrade Servers to Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Upgrade Attendant Console Application to Version 12
  • Install Cisco Expressway Core and Edge Servers, Version 12.5.7 as new virtual servers
  • Implement Cisco Mobile Remote Access (MRA)
  • Implement Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for B2B Calling

The Sentinel team performed the following upgrades to and Installation of supporting hardware components on the healthcare organization’s environment:

  • Upgrade Cisco IOS on ISR Voice Router Hardware
  • These devices support Local PSTN and SRST connections
  • Upgrade six (6) ISR Voice Routers latest version of Cisco IOS
  • Upgrade three (3) End-of-Life ISR Voice Routers to the latest version of IOS supported on these devices. These End-of-Life ISR Voice Routers were not replaced as part of this project, but Sentinel recommended they be replaced in the future.
  • Upgrade Cisco IOS on existing VG Analog Gateway Hardware
  • Upgrade sixty-one (61) VG Analog Gateway to latest version of Cisco IOS
  • Upgrade Singlewire InformaCast Paging System to Version 12
  • Upgrade Software/Firmware on all Cisco Phones to latest version supported by the Phone Model. Any phones that do not support the latest version will be targeted for replacement in the future.
  • Installation and configuration of two (2) Cisco DX80 video desktop units
  • Firmware / Application Upgrades to third-party devices registered to Cisco CallManager (as required to support connectivity to upgraded environment)

The items below were components deployed by Sentinel to help the healthcare organization expand their Cisco Meeting, Collaboration, and Mobility applications:

  • Initial Migration of Cisco WebEx Licensing
  • Configuration and On Boarding of Cisco WebEx Control Hub
  • Migration from legacy Cisco WebEx Administration to Cisco WebEx Control Hub
  • Migration of end-user devices to new Cisco WebEx subscription
  • Implementation of Context-Based User Integration into Cisco UCC Environments
  • Implementation of Microsoft Active Directory Integration to WebEx Hybrid Directory
  • Implementation of Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration (ADFS) to WebEx Hybrid Directory
  • Implementation and configuration of Single Sign-On for WebEx Services
  • Implementation of Cisco CallManager LDAP Integration
  • Implementation of Cisco Unity Connection LDAP Integration
  • Implementation and deployment of Cisco Jabber Desktop and Mobile Application
  • Implementation and configuration of Cisco WebEx Applications
  • Implementation and configuration of Cisco WebEx Meetings
  • Implementation and configuration of Cisco WebEx Teams
  • Implementation and configuration of Hybrid Calling Service
  • Implementation and configuration of Hybrid Calendar Service
  • Implementation and configuration of Hybrid Directory Service

The project scope included a combination of user training and knowledge transfer between Sentinel and members of the healthcare organization at various times throughout the project, which were detailed as follows:

  • Contact Center Training
  • Sentinel conducts “Train-the-Trainer” services related to Contact Center components - Cisco Finesse and Calabrio
  • Cisco Jabber Training & Knowledge Transfer
  • Sentinel conducts training for the five (5) user pilot group for use on Cisco Jabber
  • Sentinel provides a documented procedure (knowledge transfer) for deployment of Cisco Jabber
  • Cisco WebEx Services Communications Plan
  • Sentinel supports customer’s development of end-user training materials and the communications plan detailing the use and enabling the adoption of Cisco WebEx Services


Once this project with Sentinel had been completed and deployed, the healthcare customer was able to:

  • Eliminate organizational risk associated with supporting older versions of software
  • Eliminate security risks associated with supporting the older versions of software
  • Expand the adoption and use of collaboration and mobility applications