Sentinel Technologies Partners with ZeroEyes to Provide a Comprehensive Approach to Threat Detection and Mitigation

Thu April 04, 2024

DOWNERS GROVE, IL (April 4, 2024) - Sentinel Technologies Inc., a premier business technology services provider, announced a new partnership with ZeroEyes, the creators of the only AI-based gun detection video analytics platform that holds the U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation, to advance security solutions for organizations across the country.

As gun-related violence escalates to become the foremost cause of premature death in the U.S., claiming over 38,000 lives and causing 85,000 injuries annually, organizations are working to safeguard their employees, students, and communities. Through their partnership, Sentinel Technologies and ZeroEyes will deliver end-to-end security solutions that provide a comprehensive approach to threat detection and mitigation. Sentinel Technologies will add ZeroEyes’ AI gun detection software to its extensive portfolio of protection offerings, which also include surveillance cameras (including Verkada), access control, mass notification systems, and cyber security. These pioneering leaders aim to redefine the standard of security operations.

“The gun-related violence epidemic plaguing our nation is a tragedy that touches each individual,” said Mike Lahiff, CEO of ZeroEyes. “This partnership with Sentinel Technologies allows us to provide proactive solutions to more people, ultimately saving more lives.”

ZeroEyes' AI gun detection and intelligent situational awareness software layers onto existing digital security cameras. If a gun is identified, images are instantly shared with the ZeroEyes Operations Center (ZOC), staffed 24x7x365 by specially trained U.S. military and law enforcement veterans. If these experts determine the threat is valid, they dispatch alerts and actionable intelligence — including visual description, gun type, and last known location — to local law enforcement and an organization's staff as quickly as 3 to 5 seconds from detection.

"We are proud to be partnering with ZeroEyes, a leader in AI optical detection,” said Robert Keblusek, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer of Sentinel Technologies. “ZeroEyes' detection capabilities are truly impressive and pivotal to life safety in every industry and community. Their ability to detect guns, provide situational awareness, and offer human-verified services differentiates them from others in the industry. Our partnership with ZeroEyes will allow us to bring to market innovative products and services that will make organizations and communities safer. We look forward to a great relationship together and bringing our customers advanced detection solutions to help keep their employees, students, and communities safer.”


About Sentinel Technologies
Sentinel Technologies is a renowned provider of comprehensive security solutions, specializing in advanced surveillance, access control, and integrated security systems. With a focus on empowering organizations with state-of-the-art security infrastructure, Sentinel Technologies delivers unmatched protection against emerging threats.

About ZeroEyes
ZeroEyes delivers a proactive, human-verified AI gun detection software solution that integrates into existing digital security cameras and helps mitigate mass shootings and gun-related violence by reducing response times, providing actionable intelligence with images and delivering clarity among chaos — ultimately saving lives. ZeroEyes' patented solution is recognized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a promising anti-terrorism technology and is the first video analytics technology to receive SAFETY Act DT&E Designation.

Founded by Navy SEALs, Special Operations military veterans, and elite technologists, ZeroEyes dispatches accurate and real-time actionable intelligence about the illegal brandishing of a gun near or in an occupied area or building to local staff and law enforcement with an image of the shooter(s) and location of the threat, as quickly as 3 to 5 seconds from the moment the gun is detected.

The ZeroEyes team also provides consulting, installation assistance and practice drills for active shooter events to enhance safety at schools, corporate and government facilities. Headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia area, the company's affordable and effective gun detection solution has been adopted by the US Department of Defense, leading public K-12 school districts, colleges/universities, healthcare facilities, commercial property groups, manufacturing plants, Fortune 500 corporate campuses, shopping malls, big-box retail stores and more. Learn more about ZeroEyes at

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