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Unified communications help companies contend with growing communication complexity and increasingly mobile workers who now work everywhere. By joining disparate networks carrying voice, data and video traffic into a single unified network, businesses can enable new applications, increase productivity and lower operational costs. A truly unified communication system ensures that information reaches recipients quickly through the most appropriate medium, regardless of where they are working or what device they are using. This results in more efficient decision-making, and cost savings through personal productivity improvements and higher customer satisfaction through increased accessibility.

Cisco Unified Communications System Release 8.x

With Cisco Unified Communications System Release 8.x, Cisco introduces new features and solutions across the entire portfolio, which includes solutions for IP communications, messaging, conferencing, customer care, and mobility. The new and enhanced functionality helps to enable collaboration anytime, anywhere-whether people are collaborating from a desktop in an office, on a laptop in a hotel room, or on a mobile phone in a cab.

Cisco Unified Communications System Release 8.x combines compelling, integrated user experiences with device, application, and deployment flexibility. It gives you the ability to:

  • Provide transparent intercompany collaboration with business-to-business communications
  • Extend unified communications experiences across a wide range of desk phones, software-based clients, and mobile devices
  • Deploy Cisco Unified Communications on-premises, on-demand, hosted or managed
  • Implement Cisco Unified Communications in phases while integrating with legacy PBXs

Cisco Unified Communications delivers new collaboration experiences and benefits across global and organizational boundaries, including:

  • Comprehensive business-to-business communications, offering transparent collaboration with peer-to-peer technology
  • A broad choice of interoperable communications endpoints, including iPhone, Nokia, and Blackberry mobile devices
  • Deployment flexibility, including on-premises, in the cloud, hosted, managed, or in phases
  • Integrated user and customer experiences, to enhance collaboration with two-way video on multiple end points, and more

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