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Security isn't just about firewall protection anymore. Our engineers are experienced in the areas of firewall protection, virtual private network (VPN), wireless network security, virus protection, software/OS patch management, and data backup and recovery.

Sentinel covers all the key network security areas:

  • Security Best Practices and Policy Development – to help your organization create and maintain clear parameters for network and user security.
  • Security Consulting & Design – assisting your company review current security measures, develop a plan, and perform complete implementation.
  • Security Vulnerability Assessments – identifying and remediating key host, server, and network device vulnerabilities which could lead to breaches in security and financial loss. Utilize state-of-the-art software to analyze network, prioritize by criticality and provide corrective measures and services.
  • Managed Security Solutions – provide a fixed fee monitoring service to keep networks at latest release levels of virus detection, firewall rules, IPS signatures, etc.
  • Web and Content Filtering - Sentinel integrates solutions from industry leaders such as Cisco, Ironport and Websense to manage the sites and content that can be accessed through your company’s internet connection. For example, limiting the times and web locations that can be visited through your "business" connection.
  • Email Security - Let Sentinel design a solution to minimize interruptions to your employees by filtering out unwanted and inappropriate before it ever reaches the intended recipient.
  • Firewalls & VPNs - Sentinel integrates firewall and VPN solutions from Cisco using unified threat management and chassis-based service modules.
  • Intrusion Prevention - Sentinel integrates intrusion detection/prevention solutions from Cisco using unified threat management, chassis-based service modules, and dedicated appliances.
  • Network Access Control (NAC) - Sentinel performs NAC readiness assessments, design, pilot testing, and deployment of 802.1x based or Cisco NAC appliance based solutions.
  • Router and Switch Security - Sentinel designs and integrates security features embedded in Cisco routers and switches.
  • Network Security Monitoring and Management - Sentinel designs, deploys, and integrates CS-MARS and Cisco Security Manager with the appropriate devices in your network infrastructure to increase security visibility and lower reaction times in mitigating security outbreaks.

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