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Sentinel Technologies has been delivering high quality managed services solutions for over 20 years. A wide range of services are provided so your in-house IT staff has the ability to concentrate on those activities that enable the most critical business advancements. The breadth of our skills means we can relieve you of the burden of supporting, managing, operating and optimizing today's highly complex, integrated multi-vendor and multi-platform environments

Each Managed Service Contract is customized to fit your business needs within these core technology groups.

  • Unified Communications
  • Networking
  • Wireless
  • Security
  • Data Center
  • Server/Operating Systems
  • Databases
  • Applications

Managed Services Models

Sentinel features a variety of options for delivering Managed Services, all of which have a service level agreement to ensure performance based on meeting a desired outcome (outsourcing) or a desired input (out-tasking).

Managed Services Model
  • Service delivery commitments expressed as “service levels”
  • Committed scope and term
  • Pricing tied to service levels and volumes
  • Sentinel manages delivery model, processes and tools
  • Asset transfer (personnel, systems etc.) available
  • Knowledge is documented and transferrable
Staff Augmentation
  • Sentinel provides experienced resources
  • Pricing tied to skill set, hours worked and/or performance milestones
  • Customer controls resources and the delivery model
  • Flexible to fit specialized or urgent needs
  • Proven integration model ensures Sentinel staff integrates smoothly within the environment

Why Sentinel Managed Services?

  • Why have specialized staff to support applications when you can leverage our large organization with dedicated talent to support you.
  • With guaranteed SLA and 24X7 monitoring, you will be assured you network is up and running.
  • With quarterly patching, and emergency security patching included, you don't have to worry about the next virus or security hole.
  • We manage your hardware/software vendor contracts and support activities for you.
  • Enable viewing and status of all activities through one central portal, along with a central repository for configuration information.
  • Lower your total cost of ownership, and improve efficiency of your staff.

An example of a SLA under Sentinel's Managed Services Includes:

  • Guaranteed mean time to notify customer (MTTN) of 15 minutes on all issues within the scope of Managed Service Contract, which will begin work on the issue.
  • Guaranteed on-site response time (OTRT) of 4 hours on all issues within the scope of Managed Service Contract.
  • Sentinel will maintain copies of all configuration files of devices under management.
    • Customers can access to Documentation Portal.
  • Device availability, management, and proactive monitoring, with IPWatch Standard.
    • Monitoring of all devices under Managed Service Contract.
      • Standard monitoring of router/switches/ports/modules/firewalls/servers and blades for system availability via IP or SNMP.
      • Device status (up/down) monitored via IP to test availability.
      • Critical IPT resources (PRI ports and/or analog modules (FXO/FXS)).
      • PC's and Printers will not be monitored.
    • Automated service call placement to Sentinel's Customer Service Center 24/7/365 on monitored devices and services.
    • Sentinel provides a 1U server.
    • Web Browser interface providing access to host availability, and service status.
    • Host and service availability reporting built into the Web Console.
  • Sentinel will work with the Customer to manage daily backups and perform quarterly test file restores.
  • Sentinel will administer Antivirus on the servers and validate current virus signature levels quarterly.
  • Quarterly Software and Patch Management as defined in Term and Conditions, Hardware and Software Upgrades and Updates.
  • Sentinel will perform administrative requests for all devices covered under the Sentinel Managed Services contract. Administrative requests will carry a Next Business Day service level.
  • Quarterly network review of all devices covered under Managed Service Contract.

Sentinel's Managed Services Includes:

  • Device availability, management, and proactive monitoring 24x7x365 and includes Sentinel IP Watch
  • Workstation and Printer administrative requests will be handled by a scheduled one half-day per week onsite technician visit. If additional onsite workstation and printer support is required, it can be addressed during the next scheduled visit or via an additional scheduled site visit. Supplemental support will be billed per the defined terms and conditions. Phone support of workstation and printer issues will be included and resolution will be provided on a best-effort basis.
  • 30 min callback and if required a 4 hour onsite response for all core devices covered under Sentinel Managed Services contract.
  • Sentinel will work with the Customer to implement daily Exchange and Domain backups and perform quarterly test file restores. The client will be responsible for changing the back-up tapes daily. Sentinel will not be responsible for any data loss.
  • Sentinel will administer Antivirus on the Exchange and Domain Controller and validate current virus signature levels quarterly.
  • Software and Patch Management as defined in section 8 Terms and Conditions.
  • Sentinel will perform administrative support for all core devices covered under the Sentinel Managed Services contract. Administrative requests will carry a Next Business Day SLA for requests that can be done remotely.
  • Sentinel will maintain copies of all configuration files of devices under management.
  • For devices and applications not included in this scope of services, Sentinel will provide assistance in the troubleshooting process aiding other support vendors. For example: a) Custom applications, Sentinel will support the application vendor on hardware and operating system related items; b) Propriety networked end devices (i.e. printers, copier printers, security devices, video cameras, A/V devices, fax machines). Sentinel will support the hardware maintenance provider.
  • As an additional option, first call services for non-supported devices can be directed to Sentinel and Sentinel can triage these calls to the appropriate vendor. This will allow for tracking and reporting of the types of incidents being encountered.
  • A network assessment must be completed before Managed Services contract start date. Any deficiencies must be corrected before Sentinel will take over management of the network. Sentinel can provide remediation for these deficiencies on a T&M basis.

Quarterly Health Check

In an effort to keep the server infrastructure healthy, the installation of patches and general administration of the Windows servers is critical. Examples of activities Sentinel's Quarterly Health Check can address include:

  • Verify configuration of Anti-Virus to the servers.
  • Verify health of the Windows Active Directory.
  • General SAN health will be verified.
  • Remediate short term issues as time is available and document.
  • Make recommendations and changes to servers and SAN.

Active Directory

  • Administration of new FO Domain
  • Administration of Domain Policies
  • Adds, deletes
  • Password Reset

Network equipment

  • Identify hardware problems and provide remediation as required.
  • Update operating system of switches, firewalls and routers
  • Identify and remediate firewall hardware and / or software problems
  • Review security configuration periodically to meet business needs

Network monitoring

  • Availability, management and proactive management of network devices including switches and routers
  • Provide reporting on availability, capacity, utilization
  • Alert management on all network devices in scope

Documentation for Configuration management

  • Maintain copies of all configuration files of devices under management.
  • Access to Central document repository.

Proactive Monitoring

  • Proactively monitor critical network elements and operating systems with
  • Sentinel's IP Watch monitoring appliance.


  • Provide support for servers.
  • Patch Windows O/S with critical updates and patches
  • Patch Microsoft software with updates
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues.
  • Ensure antivirus software is updated with latest pattern files.


  • Identify and remediate firewall hardware/software problems.
  • Update operating system firewall with critical updates and patches (vendor maintenance may be required).
  • Review security configuration (application, operating system, LAN, WAN).

Hardware Upgrades

  • Sentinel will provide pro-active performance management.
  • Sentinel will track and analyze performance statistics to ensure the Customer's network hardware is properly sized.
  • If Sentinel determines a network device is experiencing a performance issue, Sentinel will recommend appropriate action. Customer will be responsible for any and all charges incurred to upgrade the hardware, including installation.
  • If a Customer network device reaches end of life/support status, as determined by the equipment manufacturer, the Customer will be migrated or upgraded to a new device within 90 days of end of life/support determination. The Customer will be responsible for any and all charges incurred to upgrade the hardware, including installation.

Software Updates

  • Sentinel defines a software update as a deployment of a patch or maintenance release to an existing installed software version.
  • Sentinel reserves the right to update the Customer's software if the installed software level is no longer supported by the device manufacturer or to fix software bugs and security concerns.

Software Upgrades

  • Any manufacturer software upgrades will be proposed as a separate scope-based engagement at an additional cost.
  • Sentinel defines a software upgrade as a migration to a newer version of an installed operating system or application, typically a major version release.

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