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Cisco Maintenance Support - Sentinel HANS™ and HANS™ with Cisco PSS

Sentinelís High Availability Network Support (HANS™ ) and HANS™ with Cisco PSS is designed to keep your Cisco network operating at the highest level of availability by ensuring that your network is maintained and repaired in a timely and comprehensive manner. As a charter member in Ciscoís Partner Support Services Program, Sentinel has been approved to provide support as an authorized support arm of Cisco. Through this program Sentinelís experienced, certified technicians provide front line support of Cisco environments with the manufacturerís backing through access to Cisco software updates and bug fixes, Ciscoís symptom/fix database and access to the Technical Assistance Center.

SPC STSC HANS for Sentinel

Click this link to see more information on Sentinelís HANS™ with PSS. Sentinel HANS Services

Open this PDF to see more information on Sentinelís HANS™ with PSS.

Sentinel PSS.pdf

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