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Sentinel Celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

By Denny Hoelzer - President & CEO

If you had shown me that headline in 1982 I would have thought you were crazy! But here we are at another milestone anniversary for our Company. 30 years strong. Amazing.

So much has happened since our 25th event. Our Country has gone through another recession and has landed on Mars. Ipads, iPhones and other SmartPhones are everywhere. The iPhone itself was first introduced just months before our 25th celebration. Now they are all a way of life.

Today, Sentinel continues to build and grow to meet the needs of our growing customer base. We recently expanded our operations in Michigan when we opened a new facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From this new location, we will be offering our full range of solutions in Communications; Data Center; and "Managed and Outsourced" services. In order to facilitate the growth of our Southwestern U-S operation, we recently expanded our Phoenix facility by nearly 80 percent. In our Downers Grove, Illinois Headquarters, a recently-completed renovation increased the size of the headquarters facility by over 40 percent to 75-thousand square feet and will enable us to serve more Midwestern U-S customers than ever.

Along with our expansion many new products were added such as our Data Center and Cloud offerings, NOC and Monitoring Services, technical staffing, and multiple HANS Service packages. These products will all contribute to the future of the company.

I am extremely excited about our future where I see new products and new geographies and more growth!

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