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Congratulations to Sentinel - Winner of the 2011 WE Energies Supplier Star Award for third year in a row.

There is no question that technology is changing our lives and our business. And that change means we are more and more dependent on our technology.

Can you imagine a world without electronic social networking?

Well Ė maybe you can. Your children cannot.

Can you imagine doing your job without email, voicemail, a cell phone or a blackberry? And how about texting? With technology today Ė we donít even need to talk to each other anymore.

Our next Star Award recipient is a repeat winner. Will Jay Hackney, John Berghs, Jason Flesch, and Jim Betz of Sentinel Technologies please come up?

To run our business effectively, we must have our technology. Every single process in our company now depends to some degree on technology. If the critical tools donít work, we donít work.

Thankfully, we have Sentinel Technologies on board. They help us ensure that our computer environment is functioning at peak capability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After all, our customers like to get energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If a computer needs to be installed, moved or repaired anywhere in the company, Sentinel handles it.

In 2010, Sentinel Technologies was put to the test. For some reason, we all seemed to need to move, add or change our desk tops or other computers in the month of December. Last year, though, the timing of a few projects overlapped challenging Sentinel.

  • They had to move over 200 desk top computers in the Public Service building because every floor was having the carpeting replaced
  • The computer aided dispatch project in Customer Operations was scheduled to begin and a large number of lap tops needed to be prepped for the roll out team.
  • The Fossil Operations group needed over 20 servers moved at the last minute
  • All total, Sentinel received more than 400 move, add and change orders in the month of December alone

And, of course, it all had to be done before the end of the year.

What made last year so unusual? There was this little wrinkle. Customer Operations was upgrading over 300 work stations to dual monitors. Of these 300, about half required a new video card to be installed. And the 300 work stations were at 26 different locations throughout the state of Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Sentinel was confident they had a plan and they would succeed. The plan was to have all of the equipment by the middle of November. When the monitors arrived early, the team got excited. Now they had an extra week as a buffer. Their excitement faded quickly when they discovered the supplier had shipped the wrong model. The monitors had to be re-ordered and re-shipped.

Sentinel anxiously waited for the monitors as the installation window continued to close. From 6 weeks to 5 weeks to 4 weeks to 3 weeks. Finally, on December 10th, the monitors arrived. This time they were the correct monitors. There were 13 business days to go and 26 locations to visit and 300 monitors to install.

But Murphy just was not going to go away. Sentinel discovered that the video cards they were installing had a 20% failure rate. An entirely new video card was needed and would not arrive until December 20th.

Sentinel employees cancelled their holiday vacations. Additional resources were brought in. The Sentinel team worked frantically, determined to complete the project on time.

On December 29th, in 11 business days Sentinel had
  • Visited 26 sites
  • Installed more than 300 monitors
  • Installed 141 video cards
  • And completed the project two days ahead of time

And they continued the normal day to day activity plus processed the 400 move, add and change orders they received in December without a blip in service performance.

Incredible. Thank you Sentinel Technologies.

For providing extraordinary customer service with unusual challenges, weíre pleased to have Sentinel Technologies add another Star Award to their collection.

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